TNA Legends Title Match

Mick Foley (c) vs Kevin Nash

Both men lock up and Nash shows off the power game early. Nash looked the best he has in years. Foley ans Nash lock up again and Nash raises his knees into the gut of Foley. Foley throws a few righ hands and a couple headbutts at Nash. Foleu raises the knee of a bending Nash. Foley went for the double arm DDT, but Nash pushed out of the ring. Nash kicked Foley into the guard rail and send Foley to the apron twice with a right hand. Nash uses the guard rail and slams him into the guard rail as well. Nash grabs a chair and misses Foley. Foley uses the chair and hits him in the back. Foley uses the guard rail as well. Foley went for a jumping elbow drop, but eats a steel chair. Foley’s eye is busted wide open, and blood got on the camera, Nash continues to drive his fist into the right eye of Foley. Nash drives the elbow into the eye now and Foley still makes it to his feet. He begs Nash to bring it and Foley hits a fore arm shot. He is basically hulking up and Nash goes out to the floor. Nash has his head slammed into the steel steps and Foley tears out his hair. Foley starts landing right hands and kicks as Nash is bloodied as well. Rudy Charles gets in the way of a running Foley. Foley goes under the ring for a barbed wire baseball bat as Traci Brooks run out. Traci gets knocked off the apron right into a camera. Nash hits Foley with the bat and pins him to win the match. Nash hits Foley with the bat and Abyss comes into the ring with a barbed wire bat of his own and scars Nash off.


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