Steel Asylum

Amazing Red vs Christopher Daniels vs Suicide vs Chris Sabin vs Alex Shelley vs Jay Lethal vs Consequences Creed vs D’Angelo Dinero

Let me start off by saying this will be extremely hard to cover so I’ll do my best.

The bell rings and there is a sprint to the top. Sabin and Shelley hit a suplex on Daniels onto Suicide. Lethal and Red continue the fight as Creed hits a European uppercut. The MCMG hit a double chest kick. Dinero cuts off Creed, but he falls onto the top rope. Creed hits the punch combo, but goes for a basment drop kick. Dinero hits a releas german suplex. MCMG hit a double dropkick on Dinero’s head. Daniels hits a scoop slam from the top rope, but Shelley runs up and hits a top rope jaw breaker. Shelley puts Dinero in a tree of woe and hits a release suplex on Suicide into the hanging Dinero.  Lethal and Creed stop the Guns from getting out. Creed hits a big kick and Lethal throws Sabin’s head into the steel. Daniels slams Lethal’s head into the steel, and hits a hip toss to the mat. Dinero hits a top rope spear on Daniels and Suicide hits a drop kick on Dinero. Suicide hits a running slam on Red and Sabin throws him off the top rope. Shelley hits a reverse STO/DDT combo. Dinero and Daniels hit matching STOs and Suicide hits the Tower of Doom on Dinero, Sabin and Daniels. Red and Suicide trade blows and Suicide hits a face buster. Dinero hits a texas tower bomb. A crazy slew of moves to fast for me to type.  Red goes to the top and Shelley cuts him off. Everyone is on the top rope and Daniels hits a reverse STO. Creed hits a sliced bread on Suicide. Sabin and Shelley hit the powerbomb/sliced bread combo. Red hits a tornado reverse STO and climbs again. Daniels catches up and he fights Red and throws him off. Daniels is still hanging. Suicide is climbing to the tops and Dinero kicks him off. Dinero picks up Suicide and throws him into the steel. Daniels climbs out of the asylum to win the match.


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