Knockout Title Tag Match

Angelina Love and Velvet Sky (c) vs ODB and Cody Deaner

ODB and Love will start the match up and both women push each other. ODB lands a couple right hands and hits a fall away slam. ODB goes for a splash, but Love counters with a bulldog. Sky is in now and she lands three shoulder blocks in the corner. ODB hits a shoulder block on Sky and tags in The Deaner. Deaner smack Velvet’s behind and puts her on the top rope and spanks her ten times. ODB is in now and Love is in as well. ODB hits a kick out of the corner, but thanks to a distraction, Love throws her off the second rope. Sky is in now and she drops the elbow for a two count. Sky hits a reverse curb stomp and now the bruises are coming in on Sky. Love hits a slam on ODB and Sky hits one of her own. The double team move ends with Love hitting a basement drop kick which is only good for two. Love locks in a reverse chin lock and ODB hits a back drop. Sky is in and Deaner is in as well. Deaner kisses Sky three times and has one for Love. Madison Rayne is frenched by Deaner. Sky is hit with a drop toe hold, but she hits a mule kick. Rayne sprays Sky by accident and Cody Deaner rolls her up for the three count. ODB is the new Knockout Champ. Deaner grabs the titls and he walks away with it and ODB is mad. That is…well…interesting. Sky tells Love that it is Rayne’s fault. Angelina Love and Sky look at Rayne and The Beautiful People are in turmoil.


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