IWGP Tag Team Title Match

The British Invasion (c) vs Beer Money Inc.

James Storm and Brutus Magnus start the match off and Storm hits a few clotheslines. Storm hits a few more clotheslines and then skins the cat. Storm hits a flying fore arm and misses a dropkick. Roode tags in and elevates Storm to hit a crossbody on the Brits. Roode lands a few chops and hits a reverse atomic drop. Doug Williams comes in and hits a diving elboe on Roode. Roode answers with some clothesline of his own. Storm covers for a two count. Storm hits a double clothesline and all four men are on the ring. Williams is in the tree of woe and eventually end up in the 69. Storm and Williams are in the ring and Williams hits a European uppercut. Magnus stands on Storm’s head and tags in Williams. The Brits do the ring around the rosey with submissions and follow that up with another double team move for a two count. Magnus slaps Storm in the face and Storm kicks him. Roode and Williams tag in and Roode hits a back drop on Willliams and an inverted atomic drop on Magnus. Roode hits a block buster for two and Beer Money hits the Beer Money suplex and hit an assisted Catatonic. Magnus hits a low blow with the ref’s back turned and Williams rolls up Roode to get the pinfall victory. After the match, Beer Money takes out The Brits and Eric Young.


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