TNA Impact Review 8/13/09

Christy Hemme vs Sojo Bolt

It looks like Sojo has been relegated to jobber status. After a pin attempt, Sojo  slams Hemme’s head onto the mat. Sojo hits a back breaker and only earns another two count. Sojo uses the second rope to choke Hemme, and hits a slingshot fist drop. Sojo goes for a powerbomb, but Hemme sends her over the back. Hemme hits a cross body, but Sojo rolls through and blows a spot. Sojo goes for a superplex, but Hemme knocks her down and hits the FFG for the three count.

Lauren is with Taz and he says Samoa Joe will be ready even though he lost to Hernandez last week. He says that he will motivate Joe and Homicide will pay for it.

Doug Williams vs Hernandez

Hernandez hits a few shots early on in the match. Williams goes for a suplex and Hernandez hols him for about 30 seconds. Hernandez hits a back breaker, but thanks to some interference, Williams hits a spinning forarm shot. Williams uses a second rope choke and throws a couple right hands. Williams hits a springboard knee drop for two. Williams rakes the eyes and hits a European uppercut. Williams goes for a senton, but Hernandez moves out od the way. Hernandez throws Williams twice around the ring, but only earns two. Hernandez catches Williams going for a drop kick and hits a sit out power bomb for the pin.

Mike Tenay sat down with Bobby Lashley and they talk about the transition from wrestling into MMA, his signing in TNA, and the situation between him and the Main Event Mafia.

Jeremy Borash is with Dr. Stevie and asks about the bounty on Abyss’ head. He says the bounty is about his pain and ending his career. Abyss says Stevie is worthless. Jethro Holiday takes out Abyss with a steel chair.

Lauren is with Tara and she says Awesome Kong is a great wrestler and she wants to beat them one by one.

Rhino and Jesse Neal vs Eric Young and Sheik Abdul Bashir

Jesse Neal starts off the match by knocking EY down with a shoulder block. Rhino tags in and he knocks EY down with a shoulder block as well. Neal tags in, but EY hits Neal with an elbow. Bashir is in now and hits a snap mare and a dropkick for a two cont. EY is in now and he hits a clothesline on Neal for a two count. Bashir is in again and he lands a few right hands. Neal goes for a sunset flip, but the attempt is broken up. EY hits a knee to the back for a two count, and Bashir is back in. Bashir knocks Rhino off the apron, allowing EY and Bashir to double team Neal. EY hits a few elbow drops, but eats a boot in the face. Neal gets up and knocks Bashir off the apron, but that allows EY to roll him up for the three count. Neal is apologizing, but Rhino slaps and hits the gore.

Lauren is with Rhino and he says Neal’s best just wasn’t good enough. He says that he made a fool of him.

Awesome Kong vs Angelina Love vs Tara vs ODB

Tara goes after Kong and Love goes against ODB. ODB hits a fall away slam, and now goes after Kong. Kong hits a double clothesline on Tara and ODB. Tara and ODB send Kong out to the out side and both women hit cross bodies to take out everyone at ring side as we go to commercial.

Coming back from the break, Kong is back in the ring and hits a splash in the corner. Tara and Kong go to the outside, leaving ODB and Love in the ring. Love hits a big boot for a two count. ODB reverses a whip and hits an Oklahoma slam for a two count. Kong throws Love out of the ring. ODB goes to slam Kong, but Kong shows her how to do it. Awesome Kong hits a leg drop for a two count and stalks ODB around the ring. Kong hits a chokeslam and Cody Deaner runs up to the apron and he sizes her up. He turns his hat around and kisses Kong. She responds with an Awesome Bomb. Tara rolls up Kong for the three count.

Lauren is with AJ Styles and Sting. Sting says he is in the pressure cooker. Styles says he knows that preforming under pressure seperates the main eventers from the mid card wrestlers.

JB is with Team 3D. Brother Devon says that Harlem Heat and The Steiner Brothers paved the way, but they are the greatest tag team in pro wrestling. Brother Ray agrees with Devon (no shocker there).

Scott Steiner vs Brother Ray in a No DQ match

They decide to do a point counter point before the match, and just for everyone reading, the English language is beating Scott Steiner 2-0. Brother Ray calls Booker T and Scott Steiner garbage and the match starts. Scott Steiner hits Brother Ray and hits a suplex for a two count. Steiner gets caught with a boot and Brother Ray lands a few right hands. Ray hits a splash in the corner, but Steiner floats over. Bubba Bomb from Brother Ray is good for a two count. Brother Ray hits a scoop slam and the Wassup head butt connects. Brother Ray puts on the head dress of Steiner and Devon sends the table in. Steiner gets to his feet, but The World Elite distract Team 3D. Booker T and Steiner hit a double choke slam through the table on Brother Ray to gain the victory.

Mick Foley and Kevin Nash are in the ring for the contract signing for the TNA Legends Title Match. Both men sign and Foley asks Nash about what he is really like. He says his kids have asked when will he be a champ again, but now he has it. Foley asks Nash if it is really just about the money. Nash says yes, only about 20,000 dollars in cash missed out on. Nash says Foley has a beautiful wife and family, yet he continues to wrap himself in barbed wire and put him on fire. Foley asks Nash if he is complaining about Wizard World. Foley says he would have done that for free, and he loves making a difference. Foley says bring all he has to Hard Justice and see what happens. Nash says that he is an athelete and a business man. He then calls Foley a pathetic wrestler. Both men shake hands and Foley wishes Nash good luck, but Nash doesn’t return the nice gesture. Foley asks if anyone is going to go through the table, but Nash says he won’t get paid anymore if anything happens with the table. Foley says he would go through or put him through the table for free.  Foley jumps onto the table and breaks it, as Nash fights back a laugh.

Lauren is with Matt Morgan and he says he feels no pressure tonight. Morgan says it is his turn to flourish in TNA and he guarantees victory tonight.

AJ Styles vs Matt Morgan

Styles doesn’t let him get in the ring, by hitting an elbow drop and a huge flip over the top rope. Styles hits the flying forearm by using the steel guard rail. Styles rolls Morgan in and kicks the leg of Matt Morgan. Styles locks in a figure four, but Morgan works his way to the bottom rope. AJ Styles lands a few shoulder thrusts and a chop in the corner. Morgan lifts his knee into the abdomen of Styles and puts him on the top rope. Styles goes for a tornado DDT, but gets tossed off. Morgan moves out of the way of a flying forarm, but eats a drop kick for a two count. Styles hits a forearm show, but gets caught with the boot of Matt Morgan. Morgan hits the rapid fire elbows and a splash. Morgan uses the side slam position drop for a two count. Morgan sends Styles to the outside, and uses the third rope to choke Styles for a two count. Morgan hits a fall away slam for a two count. Morgan lands another clubbing blow on Styles and chokes him in the corner. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint and a splash, both of which missed. Styles lands an ensiguri and a springboard dropkick for a two count.  Styles runs into a side walk slam, but is able to kick out at two. Morgan goes to the top rope, but Styles cut him off. Morgan sends Styles to the ground, but Styles hits the Pele out of no where for a two count. Morgan hits a LETHAL Carbon Footprint to gain the three count. That Carbon Footprint was unreal.

Kurt Angle and the rest of the Main Event Mafia  are in the ring to celebrate. Angle said that he knew Morgan was perfect for the mafia. Angle asks for one last favor and Morgan is in the MEM. Angle isn’t suggesting his help, he is demanding his help. Morgan says no one demands anything out of him, not even Morgan. He will not pass up the opportunity, and he will come into Hard Justice and will walk out the champ.


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