Steiner vs Ray

Scott Steiner vs Brother Ray in a No DQ match

They decide to do a point counter point before the match, and just for everyone reading, the English language is beating Scott Steiner 2-0. Brother Ray calls Booker T and Scott Steiner garbage and the match starts. Scott Steiner hits Brother Ray and hits a suplex for a two count. Steiner gets caught with a boot and Brother Ray lands a few right hands. Ray hits a splash in the corner, but Steiner floats over. Bubba Bomb from Brother Ray is good for a two count. Brother Ray hits a scoop slam and the Wassup head butt connects. Brother Ray puts on the head dress of Steiner and Devon sends the table in. Steiner gets to his feet, but The World Elite distract Team 3D. Booker T and Steiner hit a double choke slam through the table on Brother Ray to gain the victory.


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