Master and Apprentice

Rhino and Jesse Neal vs Eric Young and Sheik Abdul Bashir

Jesse Neal starts off the match by knocking EY down with a shoulder block. Rhino tags in and he knocks EY down with a shoulder block as well. Neal tags in, but EY hits Neal with an elbow. Bashir is in now and hits a snap mare and a dropkick for a two cont. EY is in now and he hits a clothesline on Neal for a two count. Bashir is in again and he lands a few right hands. Neal goes for a sunset flip, but the attempt is broken up. EY hits a knee to the back for a two count, and Bashir is back in. Bashir knocks Rhino off the apron, allowing EY and Bashir to double team Neal. EY hits a few elbow drops, but eats a boot in the face. Neal gets up and knocks Bashir off the apron, but that allows EY to roll him up for the three count. Neal is apologizing, but Rhino slaps and hits the gore.


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