Knockout Fatal Four Way

Awesome Kong vs Angelina Love vs Tara vs ODB

Tara goes after Kong and Love goes against ODB. ODB hits a fall away slam, and now goes after Kong. Kong hits a double clothesline on Tara and ODB. Tara and ODB send Kong out to the out side and both women hit cross bodies to take out everyone at ring side as we go to commercial.

Coming back from the break, Kong is back in the ring and hits a splash in the corner. Tara and Kong go to the outside, leaving ODB and Love in the ring. Love hits a big boot for a two count. ODB reverses a whip and hits an Oklahoma slam for a two count. Kong throws Love out of the ring. ODB goes to slam Kong, but Kong shows her how to do it. Awesome Kong hits a leg drop for a two count and stalks ODB around the ring. Kong hits a chokeslam and Cody Deaner runs up to the apron and he sizes her up. He turns his hat around and kisses Kong. She responds with an Awesome Bomb. Tara rolls up Kong for the three count.


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