Best of Three: Part Three

AJ Styles vs Matt Morgan

Styles doesn’t let him get in the ring, by hitting an elbow drop and a huge flip over the top rope. Styles hits the flying forearm by using the steel guard rail. Styles rolls Morgan in and kicks the leg of Matt Morgan. Styles locks in a figure four, but Morgan works his way to the bottom rope. AJ Styles lands a few shoulder thrusts and a chop in the corner. Morgan lifts his knee into the abdomen of Styles and puts him on the top rope. Styles goes for a tornado DDT, but gets tossed off. Morgan moves out of the way of a flying forarm, but eats a drop kick for a two count. Styles hits a forearm show, but gets caught with the boot of Matt Morgan. Morgan hits the rapid fire elbows and a splash. Morgan uses the side slam position drop for a two count. Morgan sends Styles to the outside, and uses the third rope to choke Styles for a two count. Morgan hits a fall away slam for a two count. Morgan lands another clubbing blow on Styles and chokes him in the corner. Morgan goes for the Carbon Footprint and a splash, both of which missed. Styles lands an ensiguri and a springboard dropkick for a two count.  Styles runs into a side walk slam, but is able to kick out at two. Morgan goes to the top rope, but Styles cut him off. Morgan sends Styles to the ground, but Styles hits the Pele out of no where for a two count. Morgan hits a LETHAL Carbon Footprint to gain the three count. That Carbon Footprint was unreal.


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