TNA Impact Review 8/6/09

The Main Event Mafia come out once again to start the show. I think this is the 3rd straight week this has happened. Kurt Angle says that last week Mick Foley allegedly won the Legends title last week. Angle says Sting caused a distraction and Bobby Lashley caused all of the damage, even though he wasn’t the legal man. He says the match is null and void. Angle says the board of directors agreed, but the outcome stands only if Foley and Kevin Nash battle at Hard Justice. Kurt Angle says he has struck a deal.

The newly found World Elite come out to join the MEM. Angle says it is an honor and a privilege to work with Eric Young. Young says his men are dedicated to the cause. He says if the fans treated them like stars, this would have never happened and the nation should feel guilty for what is going to happen. I assume this means its the World Elite and MEM vs The Frontline for the riot.

Jeremy Borash is with Foley and he says that this unholy union is all about business. He says that he is going to war because he will never forget it. Sting and Lashley walk in and Sting says “It’s Showtime.”

Lauren is with Christopher Daniels and he says shame on him. Good one dude. He says that he has taken notice of him and tells him to be a man. He says that Kiyoshi and Bashir are in there with him. The Motor City Machine Guns interrupt and talk about the fact they haven’t been on TV in a month. Daniels says if they want to get noticed they should head to the ring with him.

Eric Young vs Christopher Daniels

Daniels gets control early and hits a suicide dive on EY on the outside. Bashir and Kiyoshi take out Daniels, which earns EY a two count. Daniels catches a big boot and a back suplex, which is good for two. EY chokes Daniels on the second rope and picks Daniels up. The Fallen Angel throws a flurry of right hands, but is hit with a swinging neck breaker. After the neck breaker, EY locks in a cross face. EY misses a moonsault and catches a flurry of shots from Daniels. Daniels hits a few power bombs into a few pin attempts. Daniels goes for the BME, and catches himself. Daniels went for the Angel Wings, but Kiyoshi uses the red mist behind the ref’s back. EY hits a pile driver, leading to the pinfall victory.

Lauren is with Team 3D and Beer Money Inc. and Roode says that he knows EY better than anyone. He says that they travelled together, but he thinks EY forgets the day he begged Jeff Jarrett for a job. Brother Ray says that they are also upset. Ray says that he will put EY’s head on a silver platter.

Scott Steiner, Booker T and The British Invasion vs Beer Money Inc. and Team 3D

Brother Ray and Scott Steiner start the match off and Steiner lands a ton of shots on Brother Ray. Steiner hits a scoop slam, but then runs into a sidewalk slam and a big splash for a two count. Devon is in and Doug Williams is in now and Devon hits the spinning shoulder block. Devon lands some big right hands and tags in James Storm. Williams hits an elbow shot and Williams earns a two count. Storm hits a gut buster/rock bottom combo for a two count. Storm hits a neck breaker and then Beer Money hits the Beer Money suplex. Rob Terry comes in and takes out both members of Beer Money. Terry hits a big scoop slam and goes for an Oklahoma slam. Roode lands a couple shots and hits the block buster for a two count. All of the men are in action now, leaving Doug Williams and Brother Ray in the ring. Team 3D hits the Wassap headbutt and the rest of the World Elite come out. Daniels and the Guns come out to take out the World Elite. Kevin Nash now is out and takes out Chris Sabin. Foley and Angle come right out, but Angle is sent into the ring post. Sting comes out and attacks Joe. Lashley is slugging it out with Joe, Sting is with Angle fighting. Rob Terry hits a chokeslam on Robert Roode to get the win. (Sorry for the back and forth, but this how it happened.)

The riot is continuing and everyone is squaring off as we go to commercial. Angle goes after Foley and then gets cut off by Sting. Angle is fighting Sting to the back. Kevin Nash and Foley follow suit. Doug Williams is out there as well. Sting and Angle send each other into tables. Devon is fighting Scott Steiner, Storm is on Williams and Roode is on Magnus. Daniels hits the BME on Kiyoshi and the Guns are with him in the ring. Brother Ray is hitting Booker T with a chair and Sting hits Nash with a trash can. Kiyoshi and Sabin are fighting in the ring. Brother Ray is choking Stiener with a table. Daniels and the Guns are having their way with EY, Bashir, and Kiyoshi. Sting hits Steiner with a trash can lid. Storm hits The Brits with a trash can. Doug Williams and Brother Ray are having a sword fight with chairs as the police arrive. This was the most intense 15 minutes I have seen as far as a riot is concerned. Everyone should watch this riot in its entirety: it is very well done.

Alissa Flash and Traci Brooks vs Sarita and Taylor Wilde

Wilde and Traci start the match. Wilde starts the match in control by hiting an arm drag and a ton of kicks. Flash is in now and she throws Wilde into the corner. Sarita is in now and she hits a huracanrana on Flash. Sarita hits an arm drag and Sarita hits a cross body off the top rope onto Flash and Brooks. Flash hits a scoop slam and tags in Traci. Traci hits a big chop and a big clothesline, which leads to a two count. Traci chokes Wilde and Flash is in now. Flash hits the curb stomp for a two count. Wilde lands a few forearms and both women go for a cross body.  Wilde kicks Traci off and Sarita is in. Sarita kicks Traci and uses a very unique submission hold. Flash goes for a clothesline, but Sarita uses a small package to get the win over Flash.

After the match, Flash and Traci attack Wilde and Sarita from behind.

Lauren is with The Beautiful People and Angelina Love says she doesn’t know what is worse, Tara‘s pet or Cody Deaner.

Kip James does the funniest promo he has ever done with Hernandez after the riot.

Lauren is with AJ Styles and says that he only needs to win one more match. Styles says he is one win away from where he wants to be.

Lauren is with Homicide and he says Samoa Joe knows nothing about violence. Homicide says that he is going to hurt Joe.

Best of Three: AJ Styles vs Matt Morgan (Styles 1-0)

Morgan picks up Styles and throws him across the ring. Styles escapes the ring and lands kicks on Morgan. Morgan kicks Styles off and lands a clothesline. Morgan lands the rapid fire elbows in the corner and hits a splash. Morgan drops Styles from a side walk slam position. Styles goes for a cross body, but Morgan hits a fall away slam on Styles. Morgan chokes Styles on the apron and hits a leg drop for a two count. Morgan goes for a choke slam, but Styles flips out and hits an ensiguri. Styles gets thrown off, but recovers to hit the Pele. Styles goes to the top rope, but Styles avoids contact.  Styles gets caught in a wheel barrow and Morgan throws him onto the top rope. Morgan hits the Hellevator to earn the pin fall victory. I think we will see a very extensive program between these two in the future.

JB is with Kurt Angle and he says that this whole thing is outrageous, and Abyss is coming over. Abyss and Consequences Creed are going back and forth and Jay Lethal attacks Abyss. Lethal Consequences is taken out as Abyss has a mild freak out.

Sting vs Brutus Magnus

Magnus backs Sting into the corner, but Sting hits a few right hands anf a hip toss. Sting then hits a drop kick and clothesline as Magnus slides out of the ring. Magnus hits Sting with a European uppercut and takes out Sting’s knee. Magnus locks in a knee lock as we go to commercial.

Coming out of the commercial, Sting hits an ensiguri. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash, but Magnus avoids it, only to jump into the Scorpion Death Lock. Magnus taps out. The World Elite comes out and goes after Sting. Bobby Lashley comes out and cleans house. Mick Foley comes out and takes out the World Elite. The Main Event Mafia comes out and they come out to fight Lashley and Foley. Hernandez comes out with a steel chain and backs the MEM and World Elite out of the ring.


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