The Key of Foley’s Dignity

Mick Foley vs Kurt Angle

The First Person to grab the key’s attached to the pole, will get Foley’s office.

Angle and Foley trade shots, but Foley is having issues with his ankle. Angle lands a few shots and this is just a fist fight early. Foley comes back with some right hands of his own. Foley charges into the corner and sends a knee into Angle. Foley goes up the turnbuckle to get to the pole, but is cut off by the God Father. Foley clotheslines Angle out of the ring, but again, Angle is able to knock Foley off the turnbuckle. Angle throws right hands and goes for the pole. Foley catches him and hits a superplex and both men are down as we go to another commercial break.

After the break, Foley hits a double arm DDT and he goes for the sock. Foley locks in the Mandible Claw. Angle is out on the matt, and Foley goes for the keys. The Main Event Mafia come out and attack Mick Foley. Joe comes out to take his shot first and now everyone is in to beat down Foley. Foley is being picked up and Angle slaps him across the face.


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