Tag Champs vs Foley’s Security

TNA Tag Team Title Match: Scott Steiner and Booker T (c) vs Rocco and Sal

Booker lands a couple chops and hits a super kick to take out Sal. Scott Steiner tags in and hits the belly to belly suplex. Steiner spits in Rocco’s face and Booker T tags in. Sal hits a couple right hands, but Booker T rakes the eyes. Booker T lands a few chops in the corner and hits a big kick, which is good enough for a two count. Scott Steiner hits the Steiner Liner and Sal is out. Steiner lands a few shots in the corner, but Sal is able to get the boot up. Rocco takes out Booker T and slams Scott Steiner. Rocco goes to the top rope and the crowd is hot. Rocco hits the big splash, but Sharmell grabs the ref’s legs just in time to stop the count. Booker T hits Rocco with the Book End and Steiner hits the reverse STO to get the pin.


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