5150 on Joe

TNA X Division Title Match: Homicide (c) vs Samoa Joe

Both men trade arm drags and Homicide is able to hit the tope con hilo. Homicide rolls Joe into the ring and earns a two count. Joe hits and STJoe and hits the slap/chest kick/ knee drop. Joe hits a snap power slam for a two count. Joe locks in the abdominal stretch in the middle of the ring.  Homicide gets out of the hold and tries to take Joe down with clothes lines, to no avail. Homicide hits a spinning elbow for a one count. Homicide hits Joe with a tornado DDT, but Joe counters with a  belly to belly suplex. Joe hits the ref with a right hand and knocks him down. Homicide went for a Gringo Cutter, but Joe counters into the Cochina Clutch. The ref DQ’d Joe for the shot on Homicide and Joe locks in an armbar on Homicide as Hernandez comes out. He looks like he dropped at least 20 pounds and then gained in muscle.


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