Jarrett/Angle Controversy

Credit: PW Insider

Someone who claimed to be an employee of TNA called into the Bubba the Love Sponge radio show. The employee claimed that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle (Kurt’s estranged wife) are living together in Jarrett’s home in Nashville. There were rumors of those two to be romantically involved and Dixie Carter, the president of the company, who was so upset at the situation that she removed him from the TV tapings and gave him “time off”.

I can confirm through this report that Jeff Jarrett and Karen Angle are in fact romantically involved and are currently living together. They had been dating since the Jarrett/Angle feud this year. Jarrett is the one who asked for time off because the Angle’s custody battle of their two kids has been heating up. Jarrett and Kurt Angle were able to co-exist before the custody battle got heated.

Another interesting issue that came up from this controversy is that Kurt Angle wanted creative control of the company or he would not sign a new contract. This hasn’t been confirmed by the olympic gold medalist, but TNA has responded by stating that they have no plans to change the creative team right now.

*No Shocker Spoiler: Because of his removal, the Jarrett/Eric Young storyline is off. Also, people inside the company want to know who aired the dirty laundry on the show.


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