The New Revolutionary War

New Japan Tag Team Championship Match: Team 3D (c) vs The British Invasion

Brother Devon and Doug Williams will start off the match. Both men lock up and trade arm locks and head locks. Doug Williams locks in another arm lock and slaps Devon. Devon lands a couple clotheslines and Brutus Magnus tags in. Devon hits a leg drop, which is good for a two count and Brother Ray is tagged in. Ray lands a couple shots on Magnus and sends both members of the British Invasion out of the ring.  Williams hits a second rope diving european uppercut and Magnus comes in. Magnus continues to work Ray over with a few more shots and Williams comes back in. Ray lands a scoop slam and they go for the Wassup headbutt, but Rob Terry interfered and allows Williams to work over Ray. Magnus is in now and the Brits land a double team move. Magnus uses the second rope to choke Ray and Williams is back in. Williams locks in a heel hook, and now the the Brits use arm locks and leg locks as they move around Ray’s limbs. Magnus is in and the double team works with a back body drop, which is only good for a two count. Ray and Magnus trade shots and Ray hits a spear. Devon and Williams are in and Devon is clearing house. Devon hits a spine buster on Williams which is good enough for the two count. Magnus is sent over the ring and Williams is hit with a spine buster for a two count. Team 3D hits a wassup headbutt on Magnus and they crowd calls for the tables. Terry takes out Devon as Ray sets up the table. Ray throws Magnus to the floor again and send Rob Terry to the floor. Team 3D hits the 3D on Doug Williams to defeat Team 3D. After the match, Sheik Abdul Bashir and Kiyoshi come out to beat down Team 3D. 3D fights them off and Brother Ray sends Bashir through the table.


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