The Fallen Angel Meets The Blueprint

Matt Morgan vs Christopher Daniels

Both men lock up and Morgan throws Daniels over the top rope to the floor. Morgan lands a couple [unches and uses a claw to gain control. Morgan then throws Daniels into the guard rail. Morgan grabs Daniels but he drops him on the top rope. Daniels lands a drop kick and a clothes line, but eats a shoulder block. Morgan picks up Daniels and eats a couple shots, and then hits a calf kick. Daniels hits a suicide dive, and Morgan is still on his feet. Daniels throws Morgan into the guard rail. Daniels counters a whip into a split-legged Moonsault on Morgan to take him out. Morgan avoids a slingshot crossbody, and lands a few shoulder blocks on the apron. Morgan then lands a couple clotheslines and goes to work on the injured leg. Morgan throws Daniels’ leg into the ring post and then a leg drop onto the leg. Morgan puts Daniels into the corner and lands the elbows. Morgan hits a splash and then hits a side slam. Morgan locks in a reverse ankle lock and throws Daniels’ leg into the ring mat. Morgan throws Daniels into the top turnbuckle for a two count. Morgan lands a scoop slam, but misses an elbow drop and a leg drop. Daniels lands a couple shots and goes to the top rope. Daniels hits a cross body block for a two count.  Morgan hits a headbutt and is then hit with a bulldog for a two count. Morgan lands a fall away slam. Daniels then hits a tornado DDT for a two count.  Daniels goes for the BME but his leg wouldn’t hold up. Morgan hits the Hellevator, which is good enough to earn the win.


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