The Doctor vs The Patient

No DQ Match: Abyss vs Dr. Stevie

Abyss starts chasing Stevie around the ring. Back in the ring, Stevie pulls out a security stick and lands a few shots with it. Abyss grabs Stevie as he tries to escape and throws him into the guard rail. Back in the ring, Abyss is eating shots from Stevie, but with no effect on him. Abyss lands a big slap and throws Abyss over the top rope. Stevie tries to escape through the crowd and Abyss catches up to him and lands a few right hands. Abyss picks up Dr. Stevie and sends him into the wall. The crowd is calling for it one more time, and Abyss obliges. Abyss throws Dr. Stevie over the rail and into the steel steps. Stevie is busted wide open and Abyss isn’t done with him yet. Abyss sends Dr. Stevie into the steel steps another three times. Abyss throws the doctor into the ring and rips his shirt off. Abyss lands a couple chops on the bare chest at the request of the crowd.  Abyss grabs a steel chair and sets it up in the corner. Abyss picks up Stevie and throws him into the steel chair, leaving Stevie hanging on the middle rope. Abyss hits the Shock Treatment, but Abyss isn’t quite done with him. Stevie hits a low blow on Abyss, as Lauren takes out Daffney. Stevie tries to use the tazer that Daffney brought out, but runs right into a black hole slam. Abyss grabs the tazer and uses it on Stevie which is enough for the three count. After the match, Lauren is in the ring with Abyss and the two hug.


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