Legends Title Match

AJ Styles (c) vs Kevin Nash

AJ misses a kick, but the lands one on the bad knees of Nash. Styles brings Nash down and Nash rolls to the apron, only to eat a shoulder block. AJ mocks Nash and lowers the second rope for him. Nash back Styles into the corner, but AJ escapes and lands another leg kick. Nash throws Styles into the corner and lifts his knee into him. Nash lands a few elbows and a clothesline for a two count. Nash hits a side walk slam for another two count. Nash hits a clothesline on Styles, but Styles kicks Nash away. Styles is on the second rope and gets kicked off the turnbuckle sending him tumbling into the guard rail. Nash rolls Styles in and he removes the straps. Nash goes for the Jack knife powerbomb, but Styles counters into a pin attempt. Styles lands a ton of kicks and right hands, sending Nash to the mat. Styles lands a fore arm shot and continues landing right hands. Styles stomps on the knees of Nash and then kicks him in the stomach. Styles puts in an interesting submission hole (like a sharpshooter using the arms. Styles uses a chin lock, but Nash lifts him up and sends Styles to the mat. Styles hits the flying forearm for another two count. Styles lands a couple punches and hits the Pele for a two count. Styles jumps over the ref and Nash catches him, hitting a chokeslam for the three count. Kevin Nash is the new Legends Champion.


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