Knockout Title Match

TNA Knockout Championship Match: Tara (c) vs Angelina Love w/ Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky

Tara lands a couple of clotheslines followed by a few scoop slams to start off the match. Love slides to the outside and attempts to call for a time out, only to be thrown back into the ring. Tara locks in the Tarantula and lands a right hand on Sky and Rayne. Love then lands a baseball slide, sending Tara into the guard rail. Love then throws her against the apron and lands a drop kick in the ring for a two count. Love then lands a couple spears in the corner and puts Tara on the top rope. Love then throws her off via press slam for another near fall. Love lands a couple kicks and a second rope clothesline, also for a near fall. Love lands a slap and both women go for clotheslines, taking each other down. Tara is up first and lands a few big right hands and a flapjack, which leads to a standing moonsault for a two count. Love grabs Tara and Sky sprays Loves eyes with hairspray. Referee Slick Johnson sends Sky and Rayne to the back. Tara goes for a moonsault for a top rope and missed. Love pins Tara for the win, even though she had her foot on the rope at two. Love wins in controversial fashion, only to have been hit with a Widow’s Peak.


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