Cat Fight In The Mafia

Sharmell w/ Sojo Bolt vs Jenna Morasca w/ Awesome Kong

Let me start off by saying that I don’t expect much from this match. Sharmell elected to wrestler in a dress….interesting choice. Both ladies lock up and Sharmell lands a knee on Morasca. Sharmell mounts Jenna and slams her head into the ground. Jenna falls early from an elbow for a two count. Sharmell locks in a camel clutch and lets her go. Morasca hits a cross body, and the crowd is basically deflated. Sharmell stands on Morasca’s hair and lifts her up 3 times. Morasca hits a jaw breaker and Sojo start beating down Morasca with the ref’s back turned. Sharmell apparently connects with a slap and Morasca answers with some of her own. The crows starts to boo, and clap when Morasca pulls out Sharmell’s weave. Kong hits a throat chop and Morasca rubs her va-jay-jay in Sharmell’s face get the win. Kong lifts Morasca after the match, and Jenna slaps Kong. Kong turns and hits a big splash on Morasca.


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