Two New Knockouts Face Off

Alissa Flash vs Sarita

Flash spit her gum at Sarita, but is hit with an arm drag and a huge drop kick. Sarita hits a suicide dive and both women go to the outside. Flash hits Sarita with a scoop slam and then sends her into the guard rail. A series of kicks by Flash leads to a two count. Sarita lands a couple shots only to be sent into the corner. Flash gets on the second rope and kicks Sarita in the head repeatedly. Sarita hits a top rope cross body block for a two count. Flash then locks in a chin lock and hits a hip toss. Sarita rolls through into the arm bar, but then is hit with a curb stomp for a two count. A back suplex is hit by Flash for a two count. Flash uses the wheel barrow to send Sarita into the top turn buckle. Flash goes for a driver, but Sarita is able to counter into a victory roll for the win. Flash hits a Falcon Arrow after the match to lay Sarita out.


2 Responses to “Two New Knockouts Face Off”

  1. Scott Breon Says:

    Alissa is not exactly a newcomer. Many indy fans know her better as Cheerleader Melissa. She also is the same girl who portrays Awesome Kong’s manager, Raisha Saaed

    • biggman621 Says:

      I do realize that they are the same person, but I wanted to try and treat Alissa Flash as a different character because it is. In the post, when I said new Knockout, I was referring to the character, not so much the wrestler.

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