6 Man Elimination Tag Match

Beer Money Inc. and AJ Styles vs Scott Steiner, Booker T, and Kevin Nash

Styles and Steiner will start the match off and Steiner uses his patented power game. Styles answers a shoulder block with one of his own. Styles tags in Robert Roode and he unloads a couple right hands and hits a blockbuster on Steiner. Booker T is in now and Beer Money hits the Beer Money suplex and both members of Beer Money use Nash as a punching bag, leading to Styles hitting the flying forearm. The ring is cleared and only Nash and Styles are left. Styles lands a few punches and then is hit with a Jack knife Powerbomb to be eliminated.

Steiner is in and he hits the Steiner Liner on Roode. Booker T is in now and he lands a couple slaps. Roode avoids a big kick, and Storm and Steiner are tagged in. Storm hits an STO and hits a back stabber on Steiner for a two count. Roode hits a clothes line on Nash and both men go outside. Steiner pins Storm with a reverse STO to eliminate the Tennesee Cowboy.

Roode is hit with the Book End and is picked up at two. Booker T then hits a big kick and tags in Steiner. Steiner lands a big belly to belly slam and Roode kicks out after two. Nash is in now and he lands knees into Roode while in the corner.  Nash continues the beat down in the corner and then hits a short arm clothesline for a two count. Roode hits a low blow and pins Nash for a three count.

Belly to Belly suplex by Steiner is hit, but Roode is able to move out of the way of a Steiner Liner.  Roode hits a double clothes line and Roode hits  Steiner and Booker T with clothes lines. Roode hits a spinning neck breker and a spine buster for a two count on Booker T. Stiener puts Roode on the top rope, but Roode hits the Blockbuster on Steiner. Roode hits the Payoff, but Sharmell distracts the ref. Steiner and Booker T then use a Spinebuster/Side Kick combo to pin Roode.


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