TNA Impact Review 7/2/09

The Main Event Mafia come out to start the show. Kurt Angle says that Mick Foley can’t run or hide, so he needs to face him in the ring. Foley tries to explain himself, but Angle cuts him off. Kurt Angle asks why Foley went against his word? Angle says he is the most dominant man in TNA and says that its time to pay the price. Foley says to leave him alone, but Angle says he can’t do that. Foley sends Rocco and Sal to protect him, but Scott Steiner takes care of them quickly. Foley asks out of respect for him to leave enough for him to be able to recover for Victory Road. Angle gives him a choice as to who will beat him down tonight. Foley picks and then throws a right hand at Angle. The MEM continues to beat down Foley until Double J comes out and scares them off.  Jarrett then hits Foley with the guitar in a shocking turn of events.

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and he says that there is no chance that they can resolve their differences.

Mike Tenay is with Kevin Nash and they talk about him and Scott Hall’s jump to WCW, and from there it changed from fun to all about the money and the business.

Abyss is shown backstage looking for Dr. Stevie. He says that he would never hurt Lauren, but he is sick. Lauren pleads with him to know avail and she is visible shaken.

Cody Deaner w/ ODB vs The Amazing Red

Red starts off landing a few kicks and then puts in an arm lock.  Deaner reverses the arm lock, only to be hit with a few arm drags and a huracanrana. Red hits a corkscrew plancha onto Deaner and then throws him into the ring. Red uses a role up for a two count and  then lands a few more kicks. Deaner knocks Red down and earns a two count. Deaner puts Red in the corner and starts throwing right hands. Deaner hits a scoop slam and a fist drop for a two count. Deaner slams Red’s head into the top turnbuckle, only for Red to counter a whip and hit a kick for two. Red gets caught on the top rope and Dean climbs to the top rope. Deaner goes for a diving head butt, and Red hits the Red Eye for the three count.

Abyss is confronted backstage and he commences in a stare down with the head of security.

JB is back with Jarrett and asks whatt happened tonight with Foley. Angle and the Mafia walk in and says he just wants to have a chat tonight. Angle says he knows they had their differences, but offers a partnership with the MEM. Jarrett says there is no together. Jarrett says that Angle abused his power and authority. Double J says they are playing by his rules tonight.

Lauren is with Jenna Morasca and she asks about the match. Jenna says that Sharmell is just a show. Sojourner Bolt interupts the interview and says that Sojo will be training Sharmell. I can’t believe I am going to dread a “match” at a pay per view.

JB is with Angle in the MEM locker room to get his thoughts on his match tonight. Angle says that everytime he battled Samoa Joe, he thought they would be unstoppable together.  Booker T gets on the mic and he sends Sharmell to get Matt Morgan.

Rhino vs Eric Young

EY cuts him off as Rhino gets into the ring, but Rhino lands a few shots and a shoulder block. Rhino lands a clothesline, but is then whipped into the corner. EY kicks Rhino and then earns a two count. EY lands a few shots, a choke, and a snapmare to bring Rhino to the mat. EY goes for another pin, earning only two. EY uses the second rope to choke Rhino. EY then attacks Jesse Neal by throwing him into the guard rail. Rhino starts landing shots on EY,  culminating with a spinebuster. Jesse Neal jumps on the apron to stop the count, and Rhino is distracted. EY rolls up Rhino and uses the second rope for leverage to gain the pinfall.

Lauren is with Sharmell and Matt Morgan is being summoned by Kurt Angle.

JB is with Kurt Angle and Morgan. Morgan asks how much he will be making. Angle says that there are just a few more things for him to do left. Angle tells Morgan to take care of Daniels tonight.

Awesome Kong and Tara vs Velvet Sky and Angelina Love

Velvet Sky and Tara start off the match. Sky grabs Tara’s hair  and throws her down to the ground. Tara takes Sky down and locks in the Horns of Aries. Tara then lands a couple shots an d tags in Kong. Love is tagged in and tries to hit Kong. Kong  throws Love into the corner and starts punching her. Tara tags in and the Beautiful People start kicking her in  the corner. Sky earns a two count and then taunts Kong. Sky drops an elbow and earns a two count. Sky throws Tara into the corner and Love tags in. Both women grabs the opponent’s hair and take each other down. Kong is tagged in and she takes out the Beautiful People. Tara sends Love out of the ring, and Awesome Kong hits the Implant Buster to get the win.  Tara grabs the black box and pulls out a tarantala and puts it on Velvet Sky’s  body.

Lauren is with Angelina Love and she is freaking out about the tarantula and how it could have been on her. Lauren pretends there is one on Love’s shoulder and Love takes off.

Booker T and Scott Steiner vs Team 3D (Winner faces Beer Money Inc. at Victory Road.)

Beer Money will be at ringside to watch this match. Brother Ray and Scott Steiner will start off the match. Steiner whips Bubba into the corner and lands a clothesline. Brother Ray lands a splash and a right hand of his own only to his a back drop. Both men are trading slams, with Ray getting a two count. Devon tags in and Booker T kicks Devon behind the ref’s back. Booker T puts Devon in the corner and lands a few knees and kicks. Steiner is back in and hits a big belly to belly suplex, which is good enough for a two count. Booker T comes in and lands a few shots on Devon. Booker T and Devon both go for clotheslines and Ray is tagged in. Ray lands a series of clotheslines and a hip toss for Booker T. Steiner is hit with a Bubba Bomb, but Booker catches Brother Ray and hits the Book End for a two count. Team 3D hits the 3D on Booker T, and Sharmell dstracts the ref. Team 3D hits the Wassap headbutt and the crowd chants “Tables.” The British Invasion comes in and hits Brother Ray with the Feast or Fired case. Booker T is draped across Brother Ray for the three count. During all of this Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir, attack Beer Money to take them away from ring side.

Jethro Holiday is in the ring and Lethal Consequences is in the way of Abyss. Abyss comes in the ring and Jethro Holiday is hit with the Black Hole Slam. Abyss gets on the mic and tells Dr. Stevie to come out to the ring. Abyss says that he doesn’t need Stevie anymore. He says he is finished with all of his treatment. Abyss says that he will use his own Shock Treatment on him. Dr. Stevie has Lauren hostage and he says that he won’t do anything to her because he isn’t a monster. Stevie says that he owns Abyss and that he will come to his office or Lauren will be sacrificed.  Abyss runs out to go look for Stevie.

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett (If Styles or Jarrett win the match, that person will be the TNA Heavyweight Champion.)

Jarrett and Angle start the match and both men struggle for momentum early on. Angle lands a European uppercut and goes for a hip toss, only to have on hit on him. Double J lands a clothesline and tags in AJ Styles. Angle tags in Joe and Joe takes out Styles legs, and then gets hit with a drop kick. Angle is sent out of the ring after trying to interfere, and Joe gets taken out by both Styles and Jarrett as they go to commercial break.

Coming out of the break, Styles is down and Angle is in. Angle stomps on Styles legs and lands an elbow drop.  Angle then picks up AJ and throws right hands. Styles lands a few right hands and hits an ensiguri, sending both men to the mat. Joe knocks Jarrett off the apron, which doesn’t allow Styles to tag out. AJ hits a springboard reverse DDT/ DDT combo on Joe and Angle. Styles hits the Pele as Joe went for the Cochina clutch.  Jarrett is tagged in and he hits a double arm DDT on Angle. Angle goes for the Angle Slam and hits a tornado DDT for two.  Double J goes for the Stroke, but Joe catches him. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, but is hit with the flying fore arm from Styles taking out the ref too. Angle locks in the ankle lock on Jarrett and goes for the tag on Styles, only to have Joe knock Styles off the apron. Jarrett is in the middle of the ring and is out cold from the ankle lock. That gives Angle the win and the Mafia comes out to celebrate.

After the match, Styles uses the Legends title belt to try and fend off the Mafia, only to have the MEM engulf him. Steiner hits a belly to belly suplex on Styles, as the lights go out. Sting is in the ring and he takes out the Mafia and grabs the title. Sting disapears with the title as Impact ends.


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