TNA Heavyweight Title Tag Match

Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe vs AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett (If Styles or Jarrett win the match, that person will be the TNA Heavyweight Champion.)

Jarrett and Angle start the match and both men struggle for momentum early on. Angle lands a European uppercut and goes for a hip toss, only to have on hit on him. Double J lands a clothesline and tags in AJ Styles. Angle tags in Joe and Joe takes out Styles legs, and then gets hit with a drop kick. Angle is sent out of the ring after trying to interfere, and Joe gets taken out by both Styles and Jarrett as they go to commercial break.

Coming out of the break, Styles is down and Angle is in. Angle stomps on Styles legs and lands an elbow drop.  Angle then picks up AJ and throws right hands. Styles lands a few right hands and hits an ensiguri, sending both men to the mat. Joe knocks Jarrett off the apron, which doesn’t allow Styles to tag out. AJ hits a springboard reverse DDT/ DDT combo on Joe and Angle. Styles hits the Pele as Joe went for the Cochina clutch.  Jarrett is tagged in and he hits a double arm DDT on Angle. Angle goes for the Angle Slam and hits a tornado DDT for two.  Double J goes for the Stroke, but Joe catches him. Joe goes for the Muscle Buster, but is hit with the flying fore arm from Styles taking out the ref too. Angle locks in the ankle lock on Jarrett and goes for the tag on Styles, only to have Joe knock Styles off the apron. Jarrett is in the middle of the ring and is out cold from the ankle lock. That gives Angle the win and the Mafia comes out to celebrate.


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