Knockout Tag Team Match

Awesome Kong and Tara vs Velvet Sky and Angelina Love

Velvet Sky and Tara start off the match. Sky grabs Tara’s hair  and throws her down to the ground. Tara takes Sky down and locks in the Horns of Aries. Tara then lands a couple shots an d tags in Kong. Love is tagged in and tries to hit Kong. Kong  throws Love into the corner and starts punching her. Tara tags in and the Beautiful People start kicking her in  the corner. Sky earns a two count and then taunts Kong. Sky drops an elbow and earns a two count. Sky throws Tara into the corner and Love tags in. Both women grabs the opponent’s hair and take each other down. Kong is tagged in and she takes out the Beautiful People. Tara sends Love out of the ring, and Awesome Kong hits the Implant Buster to get the win.  Tara grabs the black box and pulls out a tarantala and puts it on Velvet Sky’s  body.


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