3D vs MEM

Booker T and Scott Steiner vs Team 3D (Winner faces Beer Money Inc. at Victory Road.)

Beer Money will be at ringside to watch this match. Brother Ray and Scott Steiner will start off the match. Steiner whips Bubba into the corner and lands a clothesline. Brother Ray lands a splash and a right hand of his own only to his a back drop. Both men are trading slams, with Ray getting a two count. Devon tags in and Booker T kicks Devon behind the ref’s back. Booker T puts Devon in the corner and lands a few knees and kicks. Steiner is back in and hits a big belly to belly suplex, which is good enough for a two count. Booker T comes in and lands a few shots on Devon. Booker T and Devon both go for clotheslines and Ray is tagged in. Ray lands a series of clotheslines and a hip toss for Booker T. Steiner is hit with a Bubba Bomb, but Booker catches Brother Ray and hits the Book End for a two count. Team 3D hits the 3D on Booker T, and Sharmell dstracts the ref. Team 3D hits the Wassap headbutt and the crowd chants “Tables.” The British Invasion comes in and hits Brother Ray with the Feast or Fired case. Booker T is draped across Brother Ray for the three count. During all of this Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir, attack Beer Money to take them away from ring side.


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