New TNA Web Match, WWE News

ECW, which normally is on at 8pm et. on Tuesdays, will have a special start time next week of 7pm on Thursday night. So, that means next Thursday will have ECW at 7, WWE Superstars at 8, and TNA Impact at 9. That’s right. Four hours of wrestling in one night for only the price of cable.

The newest TNA web match features Rhino‘s protege, Naval Officer Jesse Neal, going up against “The Outlaw” Jethro Holiday. I think that the character of Jesse Neal is in need of some SEVERE work still. It seems like a good enough idea, but I am just not sold on the execution of the character development. I think he is being held down by the gimmick, and I hope TNA either reworks the gimmick or figures something out for him. By the way, as bad as the gimmick is, the haircut is just that much worse.

Video is from TNAwrestling’s Youtube Channel.


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