TNA Impact Review 6/25/09

Brutus Magnus vs Brother Ray

Brother Ray jumps Magnus from behind and throws Magnus into the steel steps. After a couple chops and a clothesline, Magnus eats another right hand slap and a punch. Magnus hits a European uppercut and a double axehandle shot as they fight in the crowd. Ray sends Magnus into the wall and lands another chop. Ray gets a table as Magnus gets into the ring.  The rest of the British Invasion and Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir comes out.  Team 3D hits a 3D on Kiyoshi through the table. The match was ruled a no contest.

Lauren is with Kurt Angle and asked a couple questions and got no answers, but Samoa Joe walked out of a car that pulled up.The Main Event Mafia come to the ring and Kurt Angle introduces himself to as the new TNA Heavyweight Champion. He invites the newest member of the MEM, Samoa Joe. Angle says he doesn’t know where to begin. He says when Joe returned, the MEM took notice and signed Joe into the Mafia. He says AJ is a moron and that he called the win at Slammiversary.  Kurt Angle says that he forgot to tell Sting about the plan and that he appologizes for not telling him.

Mick Foley comes out to the ring and says that he doesn’t owe Foley an explanation, but AJ Styles and Sting do deserve an explanation. Foley says he deserves a rematch at Victory Road. Angle says that he noticed Foley crying at Slammiversary.  Angle calls him a disgrace to TNA and that in his contract, he has the right to pick his opponent. Foley says that he pinned Foley and that he can beat him in any other match. Angle says that he is not going to get upset, but when he wants something, he needs to give something back.

Lauren goes after AJ Styles and tries to ask him what he thought about Joe, and he blows her off.

Jeff Jarrett calls in to Impact. He says the situation has gone far enough and that Foley and Jarrett are going to try to work it out.

Kevin Nash vs Abyss

Nash works over Abyss early. Nash lifts a couple knees into Abyss’s midsection. Abyss avoids a clothesline and lands a couple right hands, only to be taken down again with a clothesline. Nash whips Abyss into the corner and clotheslines Abyss.  Abyss reverses a whip and lands a huge splash. Nash sends Abyss out of the ring with a clothes lines and grabs a chair. Abyss avoids a chair shot from Nash and lands some more right hands. Abyss throws Nash’a head into the steel steps and grabs the steel chair.  Abyss sets up the chair in the corner, but eats a big boot from Nash. Dr. Stevie slides into the ring and uses a tazer on Abyss, allowing Kevin Nash to pick up the victory. After the match, Lauren comes out to check on Abyss.

Beer Money Inc. is in the ring and they say they are not only the greatest tag team ever and the best team in the world. Robert Roode says that Team 3D are legends, but unfortunately, Brother Ray made a mistake giving the match to Beer Money.

Booker T and Scott Steiner come out and say that Angle is calling all the shots now and that Mick made the deal with Angle, but the Mafia will be getting the title shots in the company. James Storm says that they need to get in line, and Booker is a little mad. Booker T says that Beer Money is in trouble, and now they are in trouble tonight as they both have a singles match tonight.

Team 3D comes out and says that no one understands what Steiner or Booker T says and that the rematch is already in stone for Victory Road. Brother Ray mocks Big Poppa Pump and says that they are going to Foley and make him an offer.

10,000 Thumbtacks match: Taylor Wilde vs Daffney

Daffney goes to work early, landing a couple of righ hands and a neckbreaker. Daffney goes to the tacks, but Wilde throws her off, and then Wilde attempts to get the tacks and Wilde gets caught. Daffney grabs the tacks, but is hit with a kick to the abdomin. Daffney lays out the tacks and attempts a slam, then counters a German suplex.  Taylor Wilde avoids a clothes line and throws Daffney into the tacks.

Jeremy Borash is with Team 3D and Mick Foley and Team 3D is mad about the situation. Foley says that neither cares about each other’s title loss. Ray says that they respect him, but it doesn’t work right now. Foley begs Team 3D to take the match next week against Scott Steiner and Booker T to see who goes up against Beer Money.

Scott Steiner vs Robert Roode

Roode and Steiner lock up with Steiner going to work early. Steiner lands a few chops and Roode answers with a few chops of his own. Roode hits a neckbreaker and a suplex as the Beer Money chant is done with the crowd. Steiner sends Roode out to the floor and slams Steiner into the guard rail and the steel steps. Steiner hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count, then chokes Roode on the second rope. Steiner Liner is hit and Roode is reeling. Steiner continues to use the ropes to choke Roode and lands a few more chops. Steiner locks in the bear hug, but Rood eis able to get out. Roode hits a few clotheslines and a fore arm shot. Roode lands a chop on Roode and hits the blockbuster for a two count. Roode goes for the fisherman’s suplex, but Stiener hits a reverse STO for a two count. Steiner goes for a Stiener Recliner, but its countered with a couple shots. Stiener uses a backslide to gain the pin.

JB is with Angle and gets his reaction on Foley’s tweak. Angle says that he will deal with Foley next week, and Sting didn’t know about the plan with Joe.

JB is with Foley and wants to know about Jarrett’s phone call. He says that he is open to reconciliation, but to working things out. JB says that Angle is annoyed and is going to deal with him next week. Foley says they will be dealing later on.

Lauren is with Eric Young and that no one recognizes him anymore. He says that he is the court jester and that he is done with it. He says there are no friends anymore. Rhino comes in and says he has a problem with him walking out at Slammiversary. EY hits Rhino and walks off.

Lauren is with Booker T and she says that he may need to give Storm a lesson in tag team history. Booker T is talking like a babbling idiot. Sharmell runs in and her and Jenna will have a match at Victory Road. I swear they need subtitles for Booker and Steiner.

Booker T vs James Storm

Storm and Booker T lock up and Booker T goes to work early with a few chops and punches. Storm counters a big kick from Booker and backs him into a corner. Storm eat an elbow from Booker T, and lands a couple right hands. Booker T tries to throw Storm over the rope, but Storm is able to hold on. Booker throws Storm onto the Rope, and then lands some knees and a kick on Storm. Storm avoid the axe kick and counters with a few punches and neckbreaker for a two count. Storm hits a suplex and does the Beer Money chant with the crowd. Booker T grabs the beer bottle and cracks it over Storm’s head. Storm wins by DQ, but Earl Hebner is down too. He may have caught some glass from the bottle.

AJ Styles is in the ring and he calls out Samoa Joe. AJ says that they had a plan at Slammiversary and that it all was ok as long as one of them won. AJ says that Joe screwed the company and the fans. The crowd chanted “you sold out” during the entire promo. Styles just wants to know who is in his ear. Joe says that Styles can ask him at Victory Road. Joe turns Styles around and starts throwing right hands. Matt Morgan comes in and helps Joe beat down Styles. Daniels comes in and gets some shots in, but the rest of the Main Event Mafia come down to beat down Styles and Daniels. Finally, Sting comes to the ring and the Mafia clears the ring. Sting seems dejected and asks for a microphone.

Sting says that he expected it from Angle, but not the other three. Sting says that it was because of those like Joe that they started the Mafia. Angle says that he had nothing to do with Matt Morgan. Morgan says that he had everything to do with Morgan being in the Mafia. Sting asks Kevin Nash and that he isn’t surprised that Booker T or Scott Steiner did either. Sting says that Booker only cares about himself and Sharmell is the same way. Sting says he expected more from Nash. Nash says that he stood up for Sting and believed in the respect thing, but he said it was ok for Morgan to take him out. Nash says the honor and dignity thing is BS, but it is all about the money. He says you can make friends or money, but not both. Nash says that this is a fairy tale. Sting says that Nash’s son wanted to learn by his example, not the one in the ring, but the Nash that’s in his heart. Sting says that he should hit him to solidify his spot in the Mafia. Sting takes out a hidden bat and hits everyone in the MEM, until Samoa Joe picks up the bat and hit Sting. The Mafia continues the beatdown of the Sting.


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