Beer on Heat

Booker T vs James Storm

Storm and Booker T lock up and Booker T goes to work early with a few chops and punches. Storm counters a big kick from Booker and backs him into a corner. Storm eat an elbow from Booker T, and lands a couple right hands. Booker T tries to throw Storm over the rope, but Storm is able to hold on. Booker throws Storm onto the Rope, and then lands some knees and a kick on Storm. Storm avoid the axe kick and counters with a few punches and neckbreaker for a two count. Storm hits a suplex and does the Beer Money chant with the crowd. Booker T grabs the beer bottle and cracks it over Storm’s head. Storm wins by DQ, but Earl Hebner is down too. He may have caught some glass from the bottle.


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