TNA Title Match

King of the Mountain Match for the TNA Heavyweight Title: Mick Foley (c) vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe and Angle are going at it before the match. Slick Johnson and Andrew Thomas send Samoa Joe into the penalty box and Kurt Angle is now eligible to hang the belt. Jarrett and Styles star the beat down on Angle. Jarrett hits the ensguri leading to Jarrett and Sytles to trade near falls. Styles and Jarrett hit a double suplex for two counts on each.  Angle sends Styles out of the ring and Joe comes out. Mick Foley allows Jarrett to pin him sending Foley to the box. Styles spins Joe around and he uses a baseball slide to take out Angle. Joe hits a reverse atomic drop and a senton for a two count on Jarrett. Angel rakes Styles’ eye as Joe chokes Jarrett with the boot. Angle hits a European uppercut and rolls into the ring, only to be sent out by Jow. Foley slides in and eats two forearms  from Joe. Joe locks in the Cochina Clutch on Foley as the other three participacnts are going at it outside the ring. Samoa Joe chokes out Foley and uses the ladder to beat down Angle and Jarrett. Joe lands some right hands on Jarrett, then takes Angle and suplexes him onto the ladder. Jarrett sets up the ladder in the corner, but is whipped into it by Samoa Joe. Joe grabs the belt and continues the climb. Foly comes into the ring and pushes the ladder out from under Joe. Joe landed back first on the leg of the ladder, which may figure into an injury. Foley throws Styles out of the ring and sends Joe into the ladder. Foley runs at Joe, but Joe is able to hip toss Foley onto the ladder. Jarrett picks up the ladder and throws it at Kurt Angle. Angle hits a low blow on Jarrett and sends Foley to the outside. AJ Styles takes the ladder and puts it up into the corner. Styles goes for a tornado DDT, but is suplexed into the ladder. Angle rolls through  a sunset flip to lock in the ankle lock. Jarrett is able to get to his guitar and uses it on Angle. Jarrett goes up the ladder and Foley meets him up there. Styles hits a springboard dropkick on the ladder taking out Jarrett and Foley. Foley hits a headbutt on Styles and climbs onto the penalty box. Foley goes for a suplex, but AJ fights him off. Styles is thrown into the ring, after failing to suplex Foley off the penalty box.  Jarrett hits the Stroke on Joe and Angle is hit with an Angle slam for a two count. Foley jumped from the box to hit and elbow drop for a pin, sending Angle to the penalty box. Joe and Styles use Foley as a punching bag. Joe sends Foley out of the ring and then throws Styles over the ropes to hit a flip onto Foley.  AJ pins Foley, so now everyone is eligible. Jarrett hits Angle with a DDT. Joe and Styles trade shots, until Joe goes down with a dropkick. Styles has the belt and crawls towards the ladder. Foley took the belt and hits Styles with the belt. Joe dropkicks the Belt into Foley as now Jarrett and Foley trade shots on the outside. Joe is up on the top rung of the ladder and is thrown off by Styles. Joe grabs Styles and goes for a whip, but it is reversed by Joe and he hits a suicide dive. Angle rolls in and goes for the Angle slam, but Styles counters into the Styles Clash. Joe powerbombs Styles off of the ladder and takes the belt off up the ladder. Angle meets him up at the top of the ladder. Joe gives the belt to Kurt Angle and Angle is able to hang the belt making him the new TNA Heavyweight Champion. The Main Event Mafia came out to celebrate the victory.


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