The Franchise’s Second Chance Match

Christopher Daniels vs. Shane Douglas

Douglas tries to choke Daniels, but Daniels is able to counter his attempt and reign down punches. Daniels hits a dropkick on Douglas and stomps a hole in Douglas. Daniels hits a shoulder block and drops right down and applies a side headlock. Douglas goes for a back drop, but Daniels hits a couple kicks, earning him a two count. Douglas slides out of the ring, only to be hit with the split legged moonsault. Daniels slams Douglas’ head into the apron, but then is thrown into the steal steps. Shane Douglas locks in a hammer lock and sends him back into the steal steps. Douglas hits a modified armbar and hits a clothesline on Daniels. Douglas locks in a double underhook, pulling back on the arms, but Daniels is able to make it to the ropes. Daniels kicks Douglas away and hits a calf kick as both men crash to the mat. Daniels hits a few clotheslines and a bridging suplex, for a two count. Daniels was going for the BME, but Douglas catches him and both men trade shots. Douglas goes for the belly to belly suplex, but Daniels blocks it and hits and STO. Daniels hits the BME and pins Shane Douglas to keep his spot on the roster.


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