TNA Impact Review 6/18/09

Mick Foley comes out to the ring with Earl Hebner and some clowns. He says he found his smile and the ring is decorated for a party. He calls out AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kurt Angle, and the guest of honor, Jeff Jarrett. Everyone comes out with the same confused look on their faces. Jarrett asks Foley if he has lost his mind and says that he has one more trick up his sleeve. He says that he has booked tonight’s main event and says that AJ Styles will team up with Samoa Joe, Sting will team up with Kurt Angle, and Jarrett will tag with Foley. Foley says that he knows it might get nasty, but he wants everyone to put their hands in and yell “team.” Joe goes to put his hand in and clocks  Angle.

Jeremy Borash is with Raven, Daffney, and Dr. Stevie. Daffney says that her match is one made in hell. She says it is nice and warm there. Raven asks if Jethro Holiday knows what a House of Fun match is. He compares himself to Abyss and says they are both freaks. He tells Abyss that Slammiversary will have his and Abyss’s funeral.

Daniels vs The Amazing Red

The two shake hands and lock up. Daniels applies an arm lock and Red gets out with an arm drag. A drop kick sends Daniels out of the ring and Red hits a corkscrew Plancha. Red lands a couple clotheslines, but Daniels counters with a huge clothesline. Daniels puts in a chin lock and is sent into the corner. Red hits a few kicks and Daniels stays on his feet. Red climbs to the top rope and hits a huracanrana. Red hits a jumping reverse STO for a two count. Daniels catches Red and hits a death valley driver and hits the Best Moonsault Ever (BME) for the three count. After the match, Shane Douglas says that he is level headed and says he deserves a second chance and accepts Daniels’ challenge.

Lauren is with Taylor Wilde and Awesome Kong and asks if Wilde should have gotten involved with Daffney. She says she is ready and will take on Daffney. Kong says she will destory both in only a few words.

Matt Morgan is in the ring and he calls Sting out. He says that he doesn’t want to disrespect Sting and says that he isn’t in the mafia because he was never a champion. Morgan says that he wants Sting to secure their legacy for the coming years. Matt Morgan challenges Sting to a match on Slammiversary. Morgan says that he is better than Sting. Sting says that if he points his finger at him, Sting will bite it off. Sting says if he will give Morgan his spot in the Mafia, if he can pin Sting.

JB is with Double J and he has written some notes down. JB goes over the notes  from the past two weeks and this week. Jarrett says every week he doesn’t know which Mick Foley is going to show up. The only reason he isn’t gone is because he feels compassion for the crazy Foley.

House of Fun Match: Raven vs Jethro Holiday

Holiday meets Raven at the ramp and hits Raven with a trash can. Holiday picks up a trash can lid and a steel cooking pan. Stevie hits Holiday with a kendo stick and both go out to the floor. Raven hits a side Russian Leg Sweep into the guard rail and lands a couple of kendo stick shots. Holiday eats a steel pan shot, but counters the Raven Effect with a couple punches. Holiday lands a running knee and hits a full nelson slam into the cage. Holiday goes for a splash and takes out one side of the cage. Raven covers Holiday for the win. Daffney is called out and she brings a straight jacket. Raven hits the Even Flow DDT onto a chair and tries to put the straight jacket on Holiday. Abyss comes out to make the save.

Don West is with Samoa Joe and he asks about who he is being advised by. West asked about him and AJ’s relationship. Joe says that he went to war and he forgot who his allies are. Joe says the MEM tried to end his career, and he wants to make them pay for what they have stolen.

Abyss is with Lauren and he says that Dr. Stevie, Raven, and Daffney can do anything they want to him. Abyss says sometimes when he is asleep he will start to bleed. He says when they touched Lauren, he wanted to cry for them and their scars. He says that they shouldn’t have done what they did. Abyss says that he was told never to hit girls, but Daffney is no girl. He goes on to say that after he takes out Raven and Daffney, he will go after Stevie.

Angelina Love and Daffney vs Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde

Taylor Wilde and Angelina Love start of the match and the throw fists. Both women tag in their partners. Daffney lands a couple shots and runs into the brick wall known as Awesome Kong.  Kong tags in Wilde and earns a two count. Wilde has her hair pulled and Love comes back in on the tag. Love is whipped into Wilde and hits a clothesline for a two count. Wilde avoids anothe clothesline and throws Love to the ground by her hair. Kong is tagged in and catched Love and chokes her.  Kong hits the Implant Buster on Daffney for the three count. Velvet Sky attacks Kong after the match, and send her into a steel chair with a drop toe hold. Tara comes out and clears the ring of the Beautiful People. Tara and Kong meet in the ring  and have a staredown.

JB is with Team 3D and asks about what happened with Beer Money coming to protect the British Invasion. Brother Ray asks where Beer Money was for them. Devon says that it would be in their best interest to let everyone know before Slammiversary.

So Cal Val is with Lethal Consequences and Motor City Machine Guns. This was actually really funny. Lethal was retardedly funny like The Macho Man when he was a heel. The two teams argue about what will happen at the X Division King of the Mountain Match on Sunday.

So Cal Val is with Beer Money and they don’t think they owe an explanation for last week. They said they were drinking and spending the 100K.  Team 3D fight Beer Money back stage and they fight in a back room.

Team 3D and Beer Money vs The Motor City Machine Guns and Lethal Consequences

Beer Money and Team 3D fight their way down the ramp and the other four men wait in the ring. Lethal Consequences take out Beer Money. Suicde comes in and take out the Guns and the match finally starts as Team 3D takes out Creed and Lethal. A 3D from Team 3D on Alex Shelley ends this quick match.

So Cal Val is with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe and Styles says that both Joe and Daniels have each other’s backs. Joe says that Styles has a hair line fracture and he has Styles’ back and he will handle it tonight.

JB is with Mick Foley and JB says that they audience is talking about the Tweak and Tweet Connection. Foley calls for his guy and Kip James comes in to hang up the new picture.

JB is with Kurt Angle and he asks about the match at Sacrifice and asked about how he feels in the Mafia now. Angle says that his life is less stressful now and that Sting changed his way of doing things.  Angle says that he will be the TNA Heavyweight Champion at Slammiversary.

Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett vs Sting and Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe and AJ Styles

Sting and Foley will start the match. Both men lock up and Foley hits a cheap right hand to break the grappl. Sting hits a Bulldog and tags in Kurt Angle. Angle and Foley lock up and Foley puts in an arm lock and Jarrett tags in. Jarrett locks in an arm wrench and tags in Foley. Foley goes for a running knee, but Angle avoids and stomps away at the knee.  Angle goes to hit Styles and eats a punch for Joe. Foley tags in Jarrett, but Angle goes for an Angle slam, but is hit by a DDT. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count.

After the commercial, Angle is still working on Jarrett. Jarrett rolls through the sunset flip and locks in the Ankle Lock. Slick Johnson calls Foley to the ring. Jarrett climbs to the corner again. Jarrett hits an ensiguri and tags in Samoa Joe. Joe hits a powerbomb for Angle onto the back of Sting. Jarrett lays out Foley and security with a chair. Joe hits Angle with a Muscle Buster to gain the three count. Styles and Joe shake hands after the match.


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