Main Event 3 Way Tag Match

Mick Foley and Jeff Jarrett vs Sting and Kurt Angle vs Samoa Joe and AJ Styles

Sting and Foley will start the match. Both men lock up and Foley hits a cheap right hand to break the grappl. Sting hits a Bulldog and tags in Kurt Angle. Angle and Foley lock up and Foley puts in an arm lock and Jarrett tags in. Jarrett locks in an arm wrench and tags in Foley. Foley goes for a running knee, but Angle avoids and stomps away at the knee.  Angle goes to hit Styles and eats a punch for Joe. Foley tags in Jarrett, but Angle goes for an Angle slam, but is hit by a DDT. Angle hits a belly to belly suplex for a two count.

After the commercial, Angle is still working on Jarrett. Jarrett rolls through the sunset flip and locks in the Ankle Lock. Slick Johnson calls Foley to the ring. Jarrett climbs to the corner again. Jarrett hits an ensiguri and tags in Samoa Joe. Joe hits a powerbomb for Angle onto the back of Sting. Jarrett lays out Foley and security with a chair. Joe hits Angle with a Muscle Buster to gain the three count. Styles and Joe shake hands after the match.


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