My Thoughts On The WWE and Trump

For those of you who didn’t see RAW, Donald Trump is now the “owner” of RAW. At this point, there is no GM, but Trump seems to be playing that role as well.

When I saw the whole thing, I couldn’t help thinking that this is an awful move for the WWE and Trump. Think about it this way: the WWE could have went and asked to absolutely anyone in the locker room or even in in the hall of fame for the job. But, we got something worse. I have heard from various fans that they should have brought in Mike Adamle before The Don. This is nothing more than Trump trying to shamelessly plug himself, and the WWE making, yet again, a stupid decision with their future.

I think Vince should be getting feedback in his inbox. This might prove to be one of the most costly moves in the WWE and I am starting to wonder whether the company really cares about the fans.

Just remember, we wanted Ric Flair, but didn’t get him.

I want to know what you think about Donald Trump as the owner of RAW.  Leave a comment, and if yours is the best one, I will post it along with your tag and name.


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