TNA Impact Review 6/11/09

Mick Foley comes out to the ring to start tonight’s TNA Impact. He says that he knew there would be tough times, and that people would be gunning for the title since he won it. He says that he might have to defend the title one to four times a year. He says Jeff Jarrett has taken his smile away and calls Double J out to talk about it. Foley says he wears Double J’s shirt as a sign of respect, but he lost it since he attacked Earl Hebner. Foley says that as of now he is fined and suspended without pay. Double J says that Mick’s comedy act is over starting now. Foley blows a gasket and says he doesn’t care who he is, but no one touches Hebner. Foley says Jeff has gone too far, and Foley says is going to remove Jeff. Jarrett goes to jump Foley but is cut off by Rocco and Sal. The two continue the beat down until Jarrett hits a double clothesline. Jarrett hits a few shots on both men and then a couple of chair shots too. Foley says that he will single handedly throw Jarrett out of the Impact Zone.

Lauren is with Team 3D and is asked about the save of Beer Money last week. Brother Devon says that they have huge issues with the British Invasion. The other reason is because they have respect for Beer Money and they are the tag team of the future.

Jeremy Borash is with Jeff Jarrett and he says he understands why Mick acted the way he did. Double J says he made a mistake and calls out Mick to remove him from the building.

Team 3D vs Jay Lethal and Alex Shelley

Brother Devon and Alex Shelley lock up first and both men trade arm locks.  Shelley kicks Devon a couple of times in the knees and avoid Devons punches. A calf kick earns a two count and Devon hits a powerslam for a two count. Brother Ray is tagged in and now Lethal comes in. The two men lock up as both men use arm locks to gain control. Lethal grabs Brother Rays arm and jumps over the top rope to try and pop his arm out of the socket. Machismo tries a spring board elbow but gets caught and German suplexed over. Lethal hits a double drop kick and Shelley and Lethal go for Suicide dives, only to catch Creed and Sabin. Shelley hits a low blow on Brother Ray and starts kicking Shelley. Ray catches a leg and slaps Shelley down. Devon gets tagged in and has right hands for Shelley and Lethal.  A side slam gives Devon a near fall as does a flying shoulder block. Brother Ray takes care of Creed and Sabin as Devon goes for the WASSSAP headbutt. The British Invasion come to the ring and Doug Williams hits Devon with a suitcase, allowing Shelley to gain the victory. This was an impressive match on both sides. 3.5 out of 5 stars

JB is with Mick Foley and he asks about the group of guys behind him. Foley says these 10 guys will take Double J out of the Impact Zone.

JB is in Jarrett’s locker room and asks what happened to the whole single handedly thing. Jarrett says that he is going to leave now before he regrets doing something. Jarrett says to re-evaluate his role in TNA. Foley says that he knows his role here.

JB is with Booker T and Scott Steiner and I have no idea what either man said. I heard a lot of yelling and I am sure English was coming out of their mouths, but I need subtitles to follow that.

Nation of Violence First Blood Match: Samoa Joe vs Booker T and Scott Steiner

Steiner meets him on the  ramp, and throws  Joe into the guard rail. Steiner throws Joe into a ring pole after a few shots with the ring bell. Joe hits the STJoe and then starts kicking Steiner. Joe picks up Steiner, but gets caught with a reverse STO. Joe blocks Steiner, and sends Steiner’s head into the exposed turnbuckle. Stiener sends Joe into the corner with the exposed steel and goes for the lead pipe.  Joe takes out Steiner and takes puts a trash can on Steiner’s head. Joe takes the lead pipe and slams it into the trash can continuously and Steiner is out cold. Booker T comes out and is noticably in fear for what is going to happen. He kisses Sharmell before a commercial break.

After the break, Joe sends Booker T into the ring post. Booker and Joe trade slaps with Joe getting the best of it. Booker sends Joe into the guard rail and sends Joe into the ring post again. Booker T is then sent into the guard rail and thrown into the ring post again. Booker hits a couple elbows and sends Joe into the steel steps. Booker picks him back up and lands a couple knees, but Joe hits Booker T in the gut and he spits up blood. Joe yells “that’s two more.” This was a very good combination of matches in a gauntlet and first blood match. It worked really well. 3 0ut of 5 stars.

Lauren is with the Main Event Mafia and the trainers are tending to Stiener and Booker T.

AJ Styles vs “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

Both men lock up and Shane Douglas backs Styles into the corner.  They lock up again and Douglas pokes the eyes to gain control. AJ Styles hits a big drop kick sending Douglas to the outside. AJ hits a slingshot crossbody block to the outside as Shane Douglas regains his composure and sends Styles into the guard rail. Styles answers with shot on the ring post. Styles goes for the flying forearm, but Douglas catches knocks him off the rope and goes to work. AJ fights back to his feet, but is sent back to the ground by a right hand. Both men trade right hands until Styles hits the Pele for a two count. Styles goes for a sunset flip, but Douglas holds onto the top rope to stop the pin attempt. Douglas goes for a belly to belly suplex, but Styles counters with the armbar. Douglas taps out to give Styles the win. After the match, Douglas beats down Styles as Daniels comes out to his aid. Daniels is then handcuffed to the ring ropes after taking a shot, leaving Douglas to beat down Styles again. Then Samoa Joe comes out to save the day as Douglas takes off through the crowd. I didn’t expect Joe to run out there and at that speed too. 2.5 out of 5.

Lauren is running from Raven and she runs into the bathroom. Daffney starts beating down Lauren in the bathroom as Raven sits outside with a smile on his face.

Taylor Wilde is looking for Daffney as both girls fight backstage. Daffney chokes Wilde, but Dr. Stevie stops here.

JB is with the Beautiful People and Angelina Love asks where the set is. Love asks where the thrones are and JB makes a sex joke. Velvet Sky says she knows something about hoes who try to take over her turf. After another stupid joke from JB,  Love goes on to say that there wouldn’t be a Knockout division without them.

JB is with Kurt Angle and he says that it is just him and Joe now. No matter when the time is he will be ready.

Tara vs Madison Rayne

Tara and Madison Rayne lock up and Tara shows of her strength and agility right away as she goes to work on Rayne’s Right arm. Rayne goes out to the floor and Tara sends her into the guard rail. A nice sligshot legdrop earns Tara a two count and now Rayne tries to get in some offense. A swinging neckbreaker earns Rayne a few two counts.  Rayne lands a flurry of right hands, which also led to a two count. Rayne goes for a missle dropkick, but Tara moved and she lands a snap suplex for a two count. Tara hits a scoop slam and a standing moonsault for a two count.  Tara hits the Widow’s Peak for the three count. This was a very good match from Tara, not so much from Rayne. 2 out of 5 stars

JB is with Eric Young and asks what has gotten into him. EY says that everyone is taking advantage of him. JB  tells him She needs to stop and EY slaps JB.

So Cal Val is backstage to interview Daniels but he grabs the mic and challenged him at Slamiversary. If Douglas wins, Daniels gives up his roster spot.

King of the Mountain Qualifying match: Sting vs Kurt Angle

The two men shake hands and the crowd is split in half with who they want to win. Sting and Angle lock up and the two men trade holds.  Angle hits Sting with a big shoulder block and backs off so Sting can get up. Sting hits a couple shoulder blocks as Angle rolls out to the floor.

Coming out of the break, both men are in the ring and Angle is in control. Angle hits a suplex, which is good enough for a two count. Sting sends Angle to the outside and lands some right hands. Angle rolls back into the ring, avoids a Stinger Splash, and hits the Angle slam for a two count. Angle puts in a headlock and hits a belly to belly suplex, also good for a two count. Angle hits a snapmare and locks in a kneeling bearhug as another commercial break hits.

Coming out of the second break, both men are down after a double clothesline. They trade shots as Sting gets the best of it. Two Stinger Splashed and a suplex earns Sting a two count. Angle hits three German suplexes and goes for an Angle Slam. Sting reverses to try a Scorpion Deathlock, but finds himself in the ankle lock. Sting rolls through and hits a powerbomb for a two count. Angle goes for a spear, but Angle hits the ringpost. Sting hits the Scorpion Deathdrop, but Matt Morgan distracts the ref. Morgan hits Sting allowing Angle to hit the Angle slam for the pin. Matt Morgan goes to raise Angles hand and he refuses. This was a very slow match that nearly killed the shows momentum. 1 out of 5 stars.


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