There Will Be Blood

Nation of Violence First Blood Match: Samoa Joe vs Booker T and Scott Steiner

Steiner meets him on the  ramp, and throws  Joe into the guard rail. Steiner throws Joe into a ring pole after a few shots with the ring bell. Joe hits the STJoe and then starts kicking Steiner. Joe picks up Steiner, but gets caught with a reverse STO. Joe blocks Steiner, and sends Steiner’s head into the exposed turnbuckle. Stiener sends Joe into the corner with the exposed steel and goes for the lead pipe.  Joe takes out Steiner and takes puts a trash can on Steiner’s head. Joe takes the lead pipe and slams it into the trash can continuously and Steiner is out cold. Booker T comes out and is noticably in fear for what is going to happen. He kisses Sharmell before a commercial break.

After the break, Joe sends Booker T into the ring post. Booker and Joe trade slaps with Joe getting the best of it. Booker sends Joe into the guard rail and sends Joe into the ring post again. Booker T is then sent into the guard rail and thrown into the ring post again. Booker hits a couple elbows and sends Joe into the steel steps. Booker picks him back up and lands a couple knees, but Joe hits Booker T in the gut and he spits up blood. Joe yells “that’s two more.”


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