Team 3D vs Shelley and Lethal

Team 3D vs Jay Lethal and Alex Shelley

Brother Devon and Alex Shelley lock up first and both men trade arm locks.  Shelley kicks Devon a couple of times in the knees and avoid Devons punches. A calf kick earns a two count and Devon hits a powerslam for a two count. Brother Ray is tagged in and now Lethal comes in. The two men lock up as both men use arm locks to gain control. Lethal grabs Brother Rays arm and jumps over the top rope to try and pop his arm out of the socket. Machismo tries a spring board elbow but gets caught and German suplexed over. Lethal hits a double drop kick and Shelley and Lethal go for Suicide dives, only to catch Creed and Sabin. Shelley hits a low blow on Brother Ray and starts kicking Shelley. Ray catches a leg and slaps Shelley down. Devon gets tagged in and has right hands for Shelley and Lethal.  A side slam gives Devon a near fall as does a flying shoulder block. Brother Ray takes care of Creed and Sabin as Devon goes for the WASSSAP headbutt. The British Invasion come to the ring and Doug Williams hits Devon with a suitcase, allowing Shelley to gain the victory.


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