Shane’s Second Chance

AJ Styles vs “The Franchise” Shane Douglas

Both men lock up and Shane Douglas backs Styles into the corner.  They lock up again and Douglas pokes the eyes to gain control. AJ Styles hits a big drop kick sending Douglas to the outside. AJ hits a slingshot crossbody block to the outside as Shane Douglas regains his composure and sends Styles into the guard rail. Styles answers with shot on the ring post. Styles goes for the flying forearm, but Douglas catches knocks him off the rope and goes to work. AJ fights back to his feet, but is sent back to the ground by a right hand. Both men trade right hands until Styles hits the Pele for a two count. Styles goes for a sunset flip, but Douglas holds onto the top rope to stop the pin attempt. Douglas goes for a belly to belly suplex, but Styles counters with the armbar. Douglas taps out to give Styles the win. After the match, Douglas beats down Styles as Daniels comes out to his aid. Daniels is then handcuffed to the ring ropes after taking a shot, leaving Douglas to beat down Styles again. Then Samoa Joe comes out to save the day as Douglas takes off through the crowd.


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