TNA Impact Review 6/4/09

Lauren catches up with Shane Douglas and says that he has some things to take care of and he plans on leaving his mark.

Suicide and Christopher Daniels vs Kiyoshi and Sheik Abdul Bashir

Bashir and Daniels start of the match as Daniels gets control early. A calf kick gets a two count as Daniels tags in to Suicide. Daniels hits a gutwrench suplex and Suicide hits a top rope leg drop for a two count. Kiyoshi gets tagged in and hits a flap jack for a two count. Bashir is tagged in and the two trade shots. A scoop slam by Bashir gets a one and Kiyoshi is back in. Kiyoshi hits a couple big shots. but Suicide counters with a Tazplex. Suicide tags in Daniels and clears the ring. Bashir and Kiyoshi try a double team move, but Daniels hits a bulldog/ stunner combination. Suicide hits a big springboard crossbody.Suicide is attacked by Lethal Consequences and the Guns, taking him out of the match. Daniels hits a power move, but Shane Douglas comes in and hits Daniels with a chain. Bashir throws the ref in the ring as Kiyoshi gets the pinfall victory. It didn’t have the same pop as the opening match of weeks past, but still an ok match. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

Shane Douglas is in the middle of the ring and he says it isn’t personal, just business. He loves TNA, but he never got a second chance while Daniels did. He wants to know where is his second chance. He tells TNA management and he demands his second chance. He says that he will make Daniels’ life miserable until he gets it.

Jeremy Borash is with Mick Foley and he says that he is trying to defend the title every year instead of once a month. Kip James comes in and says that he needs to work and he wants to be on the roster. Kip says that he is desperate and Mick says that he will see what he can do. Kevin Nash comes in and asks what Mick has been smoking to make his match tonight a Lethal Lockdown match. Nash says that he isn’t doing it and he only wrestles for money. Nash says that he wants four times the money to be in Lethal Lockdown tonight. JB asks about Kip, but its only tight for him.

Lauren is with Lethal Consequences and the Motor City Machine Guns and Sabin says that they are going to solve the mystery in the X Division King of the Mountain Match. Creed says that they are going to fly tonight.

Beer Money Inc. vs Consequences Creed and Chris Sabin

Robert Roode and Chris Sabin start of the match. Sabin rakes the eyes and runs into the shoulder of Roode. Sabin gets taken over with a hip toss and then a tag into James Storm leads to a Beer Money double suplex. A big move from Storm leads to a two count, but Sabin tags himself in and takes out Storm. Creed lands a couple forearm shots and then hits a big clothesline. Sabin hits a snapmare and a closed fist shot on Storm. Creed and Sabin go for a springboard move and both crash into each other. Roode is tagges in and hits a back body drop on Sabin and a spine buster on Creed for a two count. Creed and Roode have a meeting of the minds as The British Invasion come out. The British Invasion is cut off by Team 3D and sent to the back. Storm hits the Last Call on Chris Sabin and then hit the DWI for the win. This was a great match with very good tension between Creed and Sabin. 3.5 out of 5 stars.

The Beatuiful People are attacking Tara backstage, but she seems to be too much for them. Tara sends Angelina Love running as she beats up Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky.

Lauren is with Daffney and asks what is the deal with her infatuation with Taylor Wilde. Daffney says that crazy people don’t have logic, and these “people” are telling her to beat up Taylor Wilde.

Mike Tenay is with the Main Event Mafia and asks how they feel about Samoa Joe’s hitlist. Nash says that it is what it is and that the hardest part of life is living. Booker T says that this threat is just talk and that they will blindside him. Scott Steiner says that Samoa Joe’s threat is completely empty and calls Joe fat repeatedly. Kurt Angle says that they are going to destroy Joe. Sting stops the Mafia and says that they are going to take Joe his way.

Daffney vs Taylor Wilde

Wilde knocks Daffney off the apron and lans a couple right hands. Wilde sends Daffney into the ringsteps and rolls her in for a two count. Dr. Stevie and Raven distracts Wilde long enough to land some shots on Wilde. Wilde hits a missle dropkick and rolls her up for a two count. Wilde hits a scoop slam, but Daffney hits her with the Lobotomy for the three count. After the match, Daffney continues the beatdown. Raven is on the mic and says that the reunion of Raven and Richards was everything the fans wanted to see, and Abyss will be taking his medicine soon. This was a good match, but predictable. 3 out of 5 stars.

Jeff Jarrett comes to the ring and calls out his “good friend” Eric Young. Jarrett says that he understands that he had a short fuse, but EY got his shot at the title last week. Jarrett says that EY is a great wrestler, but he won the match. Jarrett says that all he had to realize was that Double J was the better man last week. Double J says that this can go as far as he wants it to go and the crowd eggs on EY to fight. EY asks if he is supposed to appologize. Young says that his dad wasn’t there and that Jarrett was a role model for him and father figure. He says that Jarrett has held a ton of titles and that he started TNA and how it is now. EY says that he gave the crowd a choice. Then, Young goes on to talk about his family and that he is the American Dream. EY says that Jarrett’s dad never gave Jeff the time of day either. EY says that they made a vow to never be like them. Young then says that he is becoming his father and that Jeff is first with everyone else second. EY says that his concern and his heart goes out to Jeff’s daughters because they have to settle for second place. Jarrett slaps EY and the two brawl in the ring.

JB is with Mick Foley and says that it would only to be a matter of time for security. Rocco and Sal come in and now I assume they will be security for Foley.

Jesse Neal w/ Rhino vs Matt Morgan

Is it too late to order a body bag?

Morgan goes to test Neal’s strength, but Neal kicks Morgan and puts him in a headlock. Morgan finally ends the game of cat and mouse as Morgan hits the elbows in a corner and a back drop. Morgan throws Neal into the top turnbuckle and then hits a standing dropkick and Morgan picks up Neal for a two count. Neal hits a couple of punches and then eats a Carbon Footprint, giving Morgan the win. This was a squash match, but Neal was actually very impressive. 3 out of 5 stars.

Mick Foley comes out to the ring with his security and says that Samoa Joe will be taking on Booker T and Scott Steiner next week in a first blood match. Also, next week Sting will go up against Kurt Angle for the King of the Mountain qualifying match. He says that Double J has snapped and that he made Foley look like a liar. Foley says that Jarrett will have a “hardcore” reaction next week for his striking of Earl Hebner.

JB is with Sting and asks about the King of the Mountain qualifying match. Sting says that they are stronger than they have been in a long time. Morgan comes in and interupts Sting’s interview. Morgan asks about getting in to the Mafia. Sting says that the reason Morgan has no respect and when he does find it, then to talk to him. Morgan says that he guarantees that he will be in the Mafia.

JB is with Steiner and Booker T and Booker says that he will be hurt this week and next week. Steiner says that it ain’t going to happen. Steiner says that Samoa Joe will have his blood shed next week.

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match under Lethal Lockdown rules: Samoa Joe vs Kevin Nash

Joe talks to the mystery advisor and then goes to the ring. Joe grabs a kendo stick and Nash grabs a kendo stick and a trash can lid. The two trade kendo stick shots until Nash backs Joe into a corner where he lands a few knees and hands. Nash drives the kendo stick into the Stomach and hits a shot to the back. Samoa Joe counters by sending Nash into the cage.

Coming out of commercial, Joe is in control with Nash in the corner as Joe lands a flurry of right hands. Nash hits a low blow and Nash grabs a trash can lid. Nash hits joe with the lid three times and only earns a two count. Joe hits Nash with a trash can lid and puts his thumbs into Nash’s eyes. Nash hits Joe with the trash can lid again and then goes for a kendo stick. Joe hits with a drop kick, senton, and a knee drop for a two count. Joe applies a rear naked choke  and drops Nash. Joe grabs a hockey stick and breaks it over Nash’s back for a three count. This was a match that should have went longer and I feel suffered because of the shortened time. 3 out of 5 stars.


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