KOTM Lethal Lockdown Match

King of the Mountain Qualifying Match under Lethal Lockdown rules: Samoa Joe vs Kevin Nash

Joe talks to the mystery advisor and then goes to the ring. Joe grabs a kendo stick and Nash grabs a kendo stick and a trash can lid. The two trade kendo stick shots until Nash backs Joe into a corner where he lands a few knees and hands. Nash drives the kendo stick into the Stomach and hits a shot to the back. Samoa Joe counters by sending Nash into the cage.

Coming out of commercial, Joe is in control with Nash in the corner as Joe lands a flurry of right hands. Nash hits a low blow and Nash grabs a trash can lid. Nash hits joe with the lid three times and only earns a two count. Joe hits Nash with a trash can lid and puts his thumbs into Nash’s eyes. Nash hits Joe with the trash can lid again and then goes for a kendo stick. Joe hits with a drop kick, senton, and a knee drop for a two count. Joe applies a rear naked choke  and drops Nash. Joe grabs a hockey stick and breaks it over Nash’s back for a three count.


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