Beer Money vs Sabin and Creed

Beer Money Inc. vs Consequences Creed and Chris Sabin

Robert Roode and Chris Sabin start of the match. Sabin rakes the eyes and runs into the shoulder of Roode. Sabin gets taken over with a hip toss and then a tag into James Storm leads to a Beer Money double suplex. A big move from Storm leads to a two count, but Sabin tags himself in and takes out Storm. Creed lands a couple forearm shots and then hits a big clothesline. Sabin hits a snapmare and a closed fist shot on Storm. Creed and Sabin go for a springboard move and both crash into each other. Roode is tagges in and hits a back body drop on Sabin and a spine buster on Creed for a two count. Creed and Roode have a meeting of the minds as the British Invasion come out. The British Invasion is cut off by Team 3D and sent to the back. Storm hits the Last Call on Chris Sabin and then hit the DWI for the win.


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