Huge News on Mr. Kennedy

This is in from wrestlinginc:

Mr. Kennedy’s return to the WWE was very short lived because he has been released by the company. The former WWE star had made his return to RAW only a few days earlier.

Apparently, Kennedy had injured his wrist after an RKO in the main event. It was reported that he and Randy Orton had words backstage, although it wasn’t heated. This release could be because of he has been injury prone or the fact that Orton has a lot of pull with Vince McMahon. The release was finalized earlier today.

Ken Kennedy is a great wrestler who likes to take risks and is very good at getting publicity. I hope that he gets picked up by TNA or ROH because he might bring some more viewers and provide some interesting storyline possiblities. I hope this isn’t the last we see of MR. KENNEDY…KENNEDY.


One Response to “Huge News on Mr. Kennedy”

  1. I always liked Ken Ken, but he just seems to have glass bones. Damn. One day back on the job, and he’s already banged up. I’m not saying what they do is easy, nor am I blaming him for anything, but I think deep down it was a question of when, not if, he’d get injured again.

    Hopefully he can ply his trade somewhere else with more success.

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