Proving Ground for EY

King of the Mountain Qualifing Match: Jeff Jarrett vs Eric Young

Jarrett goes to shake EY’s hand, but Young ignores it. Jarrett hits a drop kick and then eats one of his own. EY hits a clothesline and earns a two count. EY hits an inverted atomic drop and a forearm shot for another near fall. EY goes for a sunset flip, but Double J counters into two rollups. Jarrett goes for the figure four, but EY reverses it into a near fall. EY catches Jarrett in the air and powerbombs him down. Ey hits a scoop slam, but then misses a moonsault. Jarrett hits the Stroke for a two count. Jarrett rolls through a wheelbarrow for the three count. EY is livid, but offers his hand. Jarrett shakes EY’s hand and calls EY back into the ring and they share a hug. EY takes Jarrett out from behind and stomps on his hamstring.


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