Beautiful People In Full Force

TNA Knockout Title Match: Angelina Love (c) / Kip James, Madison Rayne, and Velvet Sky vs Sojourner Bolt

Sojo Bolt uses a couple of quick rollups and Love counters with raining punches down in the corner. Love hits a big kick for a two count. Sojo hits a Samoan Drop and the two meet in the ring and Bolt lands a couple right hands. Sojo hits a flapjack, but because of the distraction by Madison Rayne, Love is able to hit the Makeover for the three count. Love grabs a mic and says that this was another outstanding performance. Love asks why Kip is back and fires him again and tells security to take Kip away. Lisa Marie Varon aka Victoria comes out to the ring and takes out Rayne and Sky. She hits love with a couple right hands and a Widow’s Peak. She accepts the challenge.


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