The Nation of Violence meets a former friend

Kevin Nash vs Samoa Joe

The two lock up and Nash send Joe into the corner. Nash throws some big right hands and a few knees as Joe is reeling early. Nash hits a big boot on Joe and goes for the Jack Knife Powerbomb. Joe reverses the attempt with an ankle lock. Joe is looking like the Joe of old and continues the beat down. Nash rakes the eyes and sends him into a corner post. Nash picks up a chair, but misses and is hit with the chair by Joe. Joe picks up Nash and continues the punch parade. Nash is busted open and is thrown back in the ring. Nash poked Joe’s eyes and he goes for a clothesline for a two count. Nash hits a couple elbows in the corner for a two count. Joe goes to the secong rope and hits a missle dropkick. Joe locks in a sleeper hold, but Nash uses a mule kick to gain control. A side slam earns Nash a two count and the two trade blows. Joe hits a senton for a two count and a Cochina Clutch is applied. Nash taps out to gain the victory. Joe pushes the ref away and starts elbowing Nash in the temple. Joe clears the ring of security and Joe continues driving right hands into Nash’s head. Joe spits on Nash and heads back up the ring. Scott Steiner slides in to check out Nash.


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