Team 3D Tag Team Invitational Final Match

Beer Money Inc. vs The British Invasion

Team 3D will be at the announce tables to have a front row seat. James Storm comes out with the cooler cart, complete with bull horns and a Beer Money flag. Robert Roode and Doug Williams will start off the match. Williams and Roode trade arm locks. Williams gets another arm lock and Roode gets to the ropes again. Williams hits a huge diving clothesline, but Roode gets up and goes to work. He hits a mini block buster and tags in Storm. Storm hits a side Russian leg sweep  for a two count. Brutus Magnus tags in and Storm continues to beat down Magnus. Beer Money hits the suplex and the chant. Roode elevates Storm and he hits the British Invasion with a cross body. Storm and Magnus are in the ring. Williams pushes Storm off the top rope and has his way with him. Williams tags in and Storm is in bad shape after a powerslam. Storm hits a lung blower and both men are looking to make tags. Magnus knocks Roode off the apron and drags Storm over. Mangus is tagged in and the double team moves back fires on the Brits. Storm tags in Roode and he hits two huge clotheslines, a backdrop, a spine buster for a two count. Rob Terry takes Storm off the apron. Roode sends Magnus into his partner’s happy place. Huge hurricanrana from Storm and a splash from Roode earns a two count as Terry pulls out the ref. The referee sends Terry to the back as Storm eats a running knee. Doug Williams picks up the Feast or Fired case. Roode takes the case and Storm hits the Last Call from behind, leading to the case shot and the win. Team 3D goes to the ring and shake Beer Money’s hands.


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