Pre Show Match

Amazing Red vs Kiyoshi

Kiyoshi starts off with a rake of the eye s and Red hits a couple dropkicks, sending Kiyoshi out of the ring. Red hits a corkscrew plancha to take out Kiyoshi. Back in the ring, Kiyoshi gains control by hitting a few kicks and a big chop. Red goes for a sunset flip, but Kiyoshi counters into a knee drop and a sliding clothes line for a two count. Kiyoshi locks in a rear naked choke to take Red to the ground. Red gets whipped and avoids a kick, but gets taken out with a press slam. Kiyoshi goes to the top rope and hits a huge flying chop, which earns him a two count. Kiyoshi continues the attack with knees as Red struggles to his feet. Kiyoshi lifts Red to the top rope, but Red knocks him off and hits a tornado DDT. Red is up and hits dropkick in the corner and a spinning calf kick for a two count. Red  gets caught by what looked like a reverse Death Valley Driver. Red powers Kiyoshi down with a reverse STO and follows it up with the InfraRed for the three count.


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