Knockout Title Match

Angelina Love (c) vs Awesome Kong w/ Raisha Saeed

Kong grabs Love’s hair and tosses her to the other side of the ring. Love tries to escape, but Kong is just too much. Kong sends Love into the guard rail and the ring repeatedly. Kong picks up Love and swings her into the steel guard rail. Love is crawling away, but Kong catches up and hits a chop. Kong goes for the spinning back fist but hits the post and is sent into the corner post. Love hits a bicycle kick and she continues punching Kong in the corner. Love tries to kick Kong but to no avail. Love rolls out of the ring and goes back up the ramp. Saeed caughts her off and Love eats an Awesome Kong clothesline. Kong hits a leg drop and gets up after two. Kong goes for the splash, but misses. Love picks up hairspray and sprays it in Kong’s eyes and pins Kong for the win.

Kong wipes her eyes and starts beating down Love. Kong hits two Implant Busters and Angelina Love is lifeless in the ring.


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