I Quit Match

AJ Styles (c) vs Booker T

Styles and Booker trade lock ups. AJ kicked Booker in the back and he will not quit. Booker sends Styles into the corner. Booker hits a kick to the head and goes for a suplex. Styles hits the suplex and puts in a version of the Indian Death Lock. Booker is holding is knee and Styles goes to work on the knee. Booker lands a right straight on AJ, but the momentum is short lived with Styles kicking out Booker T’s knee. Booker is in the corner, eating shots by Styles. Booker goes for a suplex and AJ floats over. Styles  lands some shots and  goes for the flying fore arm. Booker knocks Styles legs out and knocks him off the apron onto the guard rail throat first. Booker throws in Styles and he sends a knee with authority into chest. Booker lands a ton of knees and chokes Styles, but he won’t quit yet. Booker kicks Styles off the apron and he is in trouble. Booker slams AJ’s head into the apron and sends Styles in. Styles gets caught with a diving fore arm and is being put in a very painful wrist lock. Styles hits a Samoan Drop, but Booker holds onto the submission movers.  Two combatants trade right hands and AJ hits the Pele. Styles mounts Booker and continues raining down punches. Booker T hits a big spine buster and he goes to the mount to land right hands. Booker T goes for a calf kick and got caught on the top rope. AJ Styles knocked him off the top rope and lands a cross body block. Booker catches his arm on the steel post and then hits his head on it. Booker is rolled back in as Sharmell comes out. Big flying fore arm lands and AJ Styles went for the Styles Clash. AJ has an armbar in and he refuses to quit. Jenna Morasca throws in the white towel in for give AJ Styles the win. The women argue and Booker T is in utter shock.


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