WWE/Denver Nuggets

On Monday night, the Denver Nuggets will be looking to take one game from the Western Conference favorites, the Los Angeles Lakers, in Denver, Colorado. There is only one issue: the WWE had the same arena booked months in advance.

The owner of the Denver Nuggets, E. Stanley Kroenke, had booked the WWE the arena because he felt his team couldn’t make it to the conference finals.  So, the interesting thing is that at this point there has been no decision made on what is going to happen.

I happen to think that the Nuggets owner should be fired for being an idiot. If you are going to own a team, and a good team at that, why would you book the arena? You know the conference finals will be around then, so why would you go out and make moves to bring in Chauncey Billups, a big time shooter?

Well,  if they play in the same arena, we could see Randy Orton and Kobe Bryant share a locker and The Miz challenge Carmelo Anthony to a game of HORSE.

Either way, the situation hasn’t been resolved and I want to know how you feel about the situation and what should happen?


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